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Mela Sarkar

Academic title(s): 

Associate professor

Mela Sarkar
Contact Information

Department of Integrated Studies in Education, Faculty of Education, McGill University
3700 McTavish, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1Y2

Email address: 
mela.sarkar [at] mcgill.ca
Department of Integrated Studies in Education

B.A. (Hons.) McGill, 1982 (East Asian Studies)
Diploma in Education, McGill, 1984 (Teaching English as a Second Language / Secondary History)
M.A. Concordia, 1992 (Applied Linguistics)
Ph.D. Concordia, 2000 (Interdisciplinary/Humanities)

Areas of expertise: 

applied linguistics, second language acquisition and pedagogy, critical sociolinguistics, Indigenous language revitalization, bi/multilingualism

Office hours: 

By appointment only

Selected publications: 

Sarkar, M. (2015). [Review of Multiculturalism within a bilingual framework by E. Haque]. Canadian Modern Language Review, 71(1)

Sarkar, M. (2015). [Review of Minority populations in Canadian second language education, ed. K. Arnett & C. Mady]. Canadian Modern Language Review, 71(2).

Sarkar, M., & C. Lavoie. (2014). Language education and Canada’s Indigenous peoples. In J. Cenoz & D. Gorter (Eds.), Minority languages and multilingual education (pp. 85-103). London: Springer-Verlag.

Low, B., & M. Sarkar. (2014). Translanguaging in the multilingual Montreal hip-hop community: Everyday poetics as counter to the myths of the monolingual classroom. In A. Blackledge & A. Creese (Eds.), Heteroglossia as practice and pedagogy (pp. 99-118). London: Springer-Verlag.

Sarkar, M., J. Metallic, B.A. Baker, C. Lavoie & T. Strong-Wilson. (2013). Siawinnu’gina’masultinej: A language revitalization initiative for Mi’gmaq in Listuguj, Canada. Norris, M.J., Anonby, E., Junker, M.-O., Ostler, N., & Patrick, D. (Eds.) Foundation for Endangered Languages (FELXVII) Proceedings (pp. 39-46). Bath, UK: Foundation for Endangered Languages.

 Sarkar, M., M.A. Metallic, J. Vicaire & J. Metallic. (2013). [Re]-Acquiring Mi’gmaq in Listuguj through a “visual-oral grammar” pedagogy. K.S. Hele & J.R. Valentine (Eds.), Proceedings of the 41st Algonquian Conference (pp. 279-298) Albany, NY: SUNY Press.

Sarkar, M, & B. Low.  (2012).  Multilingualism and popular culture. M. Martin-Jones, A. Blackledge & A. Creese (Eds.), Handbook of Multilingualism (pp. 403-418).  London: Routledge.

Low, B., & M. Sarkar.  (2012). Le plurilinguisme dans les arts populaires, un terrain inexploré? L’étude du langage mixte du rap montréalais en guise d’exemple. Kinéphanos, 3(1), 20-47.

Sarkar, M., J. Metallic, M.A. Metallic. & J. Vicaire (2011). « Listugujg nemitueg tli’suti napui’gnigtug »: Apprendre le mi’gmaq à l’âge adulte à Listuguj. In L. Drapeau (Ed.), Les langues autochtones du Québec: un patrimoine en danger (pp. 87-106).  Montréal: Les presses de l’Université du Québec.

Sarkar, M. (2010). [Review of Bilingual: Life and reality by François Grosjean]. Montreal Gazette, 3 June.

Sarkar, M., & M.A. Metallic. (2009). Indigenizing the structural syllabus: The challenge of revitalizing Mi’gmaq in Listuguj. Canadian Modern Language Review, 66(1), 49-71.

Sarkar, M.  (2009). Getting into med school or becoming a healer? Western medical education and Indigenous knowledges.  In J. Langdon (Ed.), Indigenous knowledges, development and education (pp. 109-133). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Sarkar, M. (2009). "Still reppin' por mi gente": the transformative power of language mixing in Quebec Hip-Hop.  In H.S. Alim, A. Ibrahim & A. Pennycook (Eds.), Global linguistic flows: Hip Hop cultures, youth identities, and the politics of language (pp. 139-157). New York, NY: Routledge.

Low, B., M. Sarkar, & L. Winer.  (2009).  "Chus mon propre Bescherelle": Challenges from the Hip-Hop nation to the Quebec nation. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 13/1, 59-82.

 Sarkar, M.  (2008).  “Ousqu’on chill à soir?”: Pratiques multilingues comme stratégies identitaires dans la communauté hip-hop montréalaise. Diversité Urbaine (Numéro thématique : Plurilinguisme et identités au Canada), 27-44.

Sarkar, M. (2008). [Review of Circus Quebecus: Sour le chapiteau de la commission Bouchard-Taylor by Jeff Heinreich and Valérie Dufour]. Montreal Gazette, 30 March.

Bouffard, L. A., & M. Sarkar.  (2008).  Training 8-year-old French immersion students in metalinguistic analysis: an innovation in form-focused pedagogy.  Language Awareness, 17(1), 3-24.

 Park, S.M., & M. Sarkar.  (2007).  Parents’ attitudes toward heritage language maintenance for their children and their efforts to help their children maintain the heritage language: A case study of Korean-Canadian immigrants. Language, Culture and Curriculum, 20(3), 223-235.

Sarkar, M., & D. Allen. (2007).  Identity in Quebec Hip-Hop: Language, territory and ethnicity in the mix.  Journal of Language, Identity and Education, 6(2), 117-130.

 Sarkar, M., & L. Winer.  (2006).  Multilingual code-switching in Quebec rap: Poetry, pragmatics and performativity.  International Journal of Multilingualism, 3(3), 173-192.

Sarkar, M. (2006). [Review of On Language and Sexual Politics by Deborah Cameron]. Quarterly Newsletter of the McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women, Fall 2006.


Professional activities: 

Courses 2016-17:

EDSL-350, Essentials of English Grammar. Fall 2016.

EDSL-623, Second Language Learning. Fall 2016.

Note: I will be on sabbatical from January 1 through june 30, 2017.

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