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Special Supervision Needs

In most cases, the health and social services institutions that accept interns referred by the educational institutions targeted by the Project have appropriate professional resources to provide supervision that meets the requirements of the educational institutions. However, it may present internship opportunities in environments less well equipped with such resources. Further, innovative programs may require outside supervisors. For this purpose, the educational institutions may benefit from funding to cover special supervisory needs.


Social Work

In 2011-2012, $4,725 (Fall 2011) and $3,900 (Winter 2012) was allocated to a supervisor from the Aphasia Group (English Chapter) who overlooked the placement of a student from the McGill School of Social Work.  Because there were no social workers within the organization, they needed a supervisor to be involved with setting up the infrastructure for the student to function in.  The supervisor both supervised and helped the student negociate and set up tasks appropriate for social work learning.

Occupational therapy

In 2011-2012, $4,788 was allocated to a supervisor from the Association québécoise des personnes aphasiques (AQPA) who overlooked the placement of a student from the McGill School of Physical and Occupational Therapy.  An on-site occupational therapy supervisor was needed to support the student, to meet the community's need for ergonomic and environmental assessments.

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