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Financial Support for Students

Funds are allocated to support students who will be doing an internship in a health and social services institution in Quebec within the Retention Incentives Component.

These funds are targeting students who make the decision to intern in a health and social services institution in a region of Quebec located far away from their place of study and who must incur additional costs to do so. The maximum allowable financial support per student is $5,000.

The participating organization will receive the allocation and ensure that the financial support given to the student will be used to cover the student’s expenses related to his/her internship, in accordance with allowable expenses.

The following tables gives information on the students who have received financial support for the year 2011-2012, the institution that helped them, the location of their placement and the amount of financial support allocated.

2011-2012 Recipients from Côte-Nord (COASTERS):

In the field of Health Assistance in Nursing:

  • A total amount of $40,000 was allocated to 8 students who had placements at Charles Curtis Memorial Hospital, located in St. Anthony, Newfoundland.
  • A total amount of $35,000 was allocated to 7 students who had placements with CSSS Sept-Iles.  One of these studenst did her placement in Montreal

In the field of Occupational Therapy:

  • $5,000 was allocated to a student doing her placement with CSSS Basse-Côte-Nord.

2011-2012 Recipients from McGill (School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition):

A total of $14,666.48 was allocated to 9 students who did placements in the field of Dietetics.  These placements were held in the following locations:

  • CLSC Cowansville
  • CSSS de Memphrémagog
  • CSSS du Suroît
  • CSSS Haut-St-Laurent (2)
  • CSSS Les Eskers de l'Abiitbi
  • Hôtel Dieu d'Amos
  • Hôpital Hôtel-Dieu d'Arthabaska
  • Mohwak Council of Akwesane

2011-2012 Recipients from Montérégie (Townshippers' Association):

$6374,20 in financial support was allocated to 2 students doing Social Work placement at the Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie

2011-2012 Recipients from Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine (CAMI):

$4,343.94 was allocated to a student doing a placement in Home Care Services with CSSS des Iles

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