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Interested in learning more about our Undergraduate Dental Programs (DENT-P and DMD) and what it means to study dentistry at McGill University? Our Student Ambassadors are available to answer your questions about life as a dental student as well as share their stories and experiences. Subject to the availability of the ambassador, you may also request a tour of our preclinical laboratory as well as our dental clinic.

Browse through our Student Ambassador’s profiles below to learn more about each of them. If you find someone with whom you would like to chat, feel free to contact this person directly by email with any questions or concerns you may have.

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photo of Aliceson Drollette

aliceson.drollette [at] (Aliceson Drollette)

Class of 2026

Language(s): English and French (rudimentary)

Hometown: Willsboro, New York

Education: BA Biology with minor in Chemistry (University of Vermont, 2022)

Mini-Bio: I was born and raised in the small town of Willsboro, New York, on Lake Champlain. Growing up in this community gave me the opportunity to build my confidence and leadership skills before heading across the lake to Vermont to complete my undergraduate degree. During this time, I became extremely interested in vaccine and skeletal muscle research, and the medical laboratories became my favorite place to be! My interest in dentistry was sparked through various experiences such as my own dental history, shadowing different specialities, leading the Pre-Dental Society at UVM, and later becoming a dental assistant. I chose McGill’s Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences because of their highly acclaimed academics and the importance they place on encouraging their students’ successes. In my free time, you can find me with my friends and family, enjoying the outdoors (no matter the season), playing piano, or curling up with a good book! I could not be more excited to come across the border to complete my dream of becoming a dentist. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them!

photo of Nadine Lebcir

nadine.lebcir [at] (Nadine Lebcir)

Class of 2026

Language(s): English, French, Arabic (Algerian dialect) and Spanish (rudimentary)

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Education: DEC in Honours Health Sciences (Vanier College, 2021); Dent-P Year (McGill University, 2022)

Mini-Bio: I was born in Montreal in a multicultural neighborhood shaped by a strong sense of community. My dream had always been to play in the WNBA as I had played basketball competitively for many years. However, after discovering love for science and arts in high school, this is when dentistry caught my eye. I had realized that all the hobbies I picked up throughout my childhood such as crochet, nail arts and drawing all involved creativity and great manual dexterity like in dentistry. Furthermore, through all the volunteering I did with my basketball team, and by working with the red cross in hospitals to help with the COVID-19 response, I realized that what I enjoy doing most is making someone’s day better. Being very extraverted, settings that involves talking and engaging with people is where I thrive best and enjoy the most. I chose McGill Dentistry not only because it’s innovative dental curriculum, but also because of its great initiatives to give back to the community. If not studying at library, you’ll find me exploring new restaurants, biking around the city or on the basketball court. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any question!

photo of Lynh Phamlynh.pham [at] (Lynh Pham)

Class of 2026

Language(s): English, French and Vietnamese

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Education: DEC in Health Sciences (Marianopolis College, 2017); B.Sc. in Nursing (McGill University, 2020)

Mini-Bio: I was born and raised in Montreal. From a young age, I was grateful for my extended family and community that supported my mother and I during difficult moments. As I grew older, I wanted to help out and give back to my community. I started volunteering at the temple with my mom and in a hospital. It was extremely rewarding to help people in need and make a difference in their lives. At school, I was always drawn to science because it kept me curious and engaged. I knew that my calling was in healthcare, so I pursued nursing. I learned many invaluable lessons and developed my passion in caring for others. My interest in dentistry began later when I became more aware of my family's compromised oral health. I quickly understood the importance of preventive dentistry as I realized that people from my entourage took their oral health for granted. I believe that dentistry combines my passion for science and people while still providing direct care to my patients. Outside of school and work, I enjoy competing in dragon boat and dancing with my friends. I also like to learn new skills and enjoy my time in nature.

photo of Steven Raspasteven.raspa [at] (Steven Raspa)

Class of 2026

Language(s): English, French and Italian

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Education: B.Sc. in Kinesiology (McGill University, 2022)

Mini-Bio: Born and raised in Montreal, you could say that I’ve had a uniquely “Montrealais” parcours to McGill Dentistry. From high school in Montreal’s East end to CEGEP in Westmount to McGill University for my undergrad, a few things have remained constant. First, I enjoy assembling model cars. The fact that I love painting, gluing, and assembling a fuel injector system in a postage-stamp-sized space probably explains why I want to perform precise, detailed procedures in extremely small spaces as a dentist! Second, I try to seize every opportunity I get to be of service to others. Taking things full circle, I found in dentistry an amazing opportunity to apply my manual dexterity and detail-oriented focus to address the oral health needs of patients and empower them to take an active, positive role in their overall health. I chose McGill Dentistry because the program offers us the pinnacle of clinical training coupled with the opportunity to care for Montreal’s underserved and vulnerable communities. Specifically, serving the dental needs of the Neurodivergent Community is something that resonates with me personally and is a career goal that I’m excited to pursue at McGill. It’s my pleasure to answer any questions you have!

Photo of Layli Tanaralayli.tanara [at] (Layli Tanara)

Class of 2026

Language(s): English, French and Farsi

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Education: B.Sc. Honours in Biomedical Science, French immersion (University of Ottawa, 2022)

Mini-Bio: I was born in Tehran, Iran, but moved to Ottawa at the age of three. Growing up in a Persian household meant indulging in incredible cuisine, learning Farsi, and exploring Tehran whenever I returned. During my childhood, I spent hours in my dad’s dental clinic, which ignited my desire to pursue dentistry (in addition to having braces twice!). The personal connections established with my dental practitioners, despite the fearsome procedures, elucidated that dentistry is my passion. Having enrolled in the IB Program in high school, I became well-versed in my academic and artistic endeavours, and immersed myself in community service. Volunteering in the in-patient unit and helping kickstart the virtual information desk at The Ottawa Hospital consolidated my desire to work in healthcare. I graduated from the University of Ottawa, where my time as the President of the Pre-Dental Club connected me with McGill’s DMD students, who spoke highly of the program. I also conducted research in a reproductive health lab, where I learned about placental immunology, and developed a love for research that I hope to extend at McGill. I adore painting and teaching the piano! My love for art and science has surely empowered me to pursue dentistry.

Matan Torjdmanmatan.tordjman [at] (Matan Tordjman)

Class of 2026

Language(s): English, French, German, Italian and Hebrew (rudimentary)

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Education: DEC in Honours Health Sciences (Marianopolis College, 2018); B.Sc. Honours Microbiology and Immunology (McGill University, 2021)

Mini-Bio: I was born and raised in Montreal. I was raised Jewish, both at home and at school, and always made sure to dedicate some of my time to helping my community through volunteer work. I love learning new things and I dedicate myself to improving in whatever I do. For example, I have been playing piano since the age of five, and I continuously challenge myself with increasingly difficult pieces. I also love to immerse myself in other cultures, as I believe there is always something valuable to learn from others. One of the ways that I do this is by learning new languages. Thus far, I have learned to speak four and understand a fifth. My other hobbies include charcoal drawing and 3D modeling. My decision to pursue dentistry was based on many factors, however, it was partly because I wanted to give back to the community while working within my interests of biology and hands on practice. I chose McGill because I knew that I wanted to contribute to the advancement of the dental field through researching novel dental technology and techniques, which McGill’s dental faculty thoroughly supports.

Munzer Alkourdimunzer.alkourdi [at] (Munzer Alkourdi)

Class of 2025

Language(s): English, French and Arabic

Hometown: Damascus, Syria

Education: DEC in Natural Sciences (Collège Bois-de-Boulogne, 2020); Dent-P Program (McGill University, 2021)

Mini-Bio: Coming from Damascus, Syria - where I lived until the age of 16 - I had the privilege of being brought up in a community that holds friendship, solidarity and helping others at the heart of its values. Driven by these values, I jumped at every opportunity I got to meet new people and involve myself in my community, attending swimming and chess club with my childhood neighbours, taking part in productions with my high-school theatre company, gathering people around at the college cafeteria for UNO tournaments and tutoring at my local library. These experiences deepened my love for meeting people and hearing about their journeys and perspectives on life. As I grew and made my way through school, I became increasingly interested in health science. I looked into healthcare fields and found my calling in dentistry. Indeed, dentistry was a field that reconciled my passion for meeting people, my academic interest in health science and my desire to help others by joining a field where I can develop care for under-represented groups and communities. Beyond my professional and academic interests, I try to appreciate the silly side of life by watching stand-up comedy, British panel shows, cartoons and anime!

Tyler Balieshtyler.baliesh [at] (Tyler Baliesh)

Class of 2025

Language(s): English, French (casual)and Hebrew (casual)

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Education: DEC in Sciences (John Abbott College, 2016); B.Sc. Honours Kinesiology (McGill University, 2019); B.Sc. Psychology (Concordia University, 2021)

Mini-Bio: I was born and raised in Montreal in a middle eastern household where music, laughing and big family gatherings came first amongst everything else. I grew up in a very dextrous environment with a mother and brother who are painters and tailors as grandparents. Throughout my education I spent my time playing competitive basketball, a sport that taught me proper leadership and communication skills. With the combination of injuries and a passion to understand how to better my health, I pursued healthcare. Luckily, I was very fortunate to have an amazing experience with my general dentist. Walking out of the clinic, I not only felt the health benefits of having a clean smile, but I felt the immediate psychological boost of confidence that came with it. This immediate gratification and enhanced self-esteem are what drove my passion to pursue this career. Studying at McGill University, I noticed that every student described the dental school environment as “fun”. The positive atmosphere of the interviews, a process of high stress and anxiety made me realize that this school prioritizes inclusivity and compassion and professionalism.

Mica Buchbindermicaela.buchbinderrubinstein [at] (Micaela Buchbinder (Mica))

Class of 2025

Language(s): English, French, Spanish and Hebrew

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Education: DEC in Health Sciences (Marianopolis College, 2020); Dent-P Program (McGill University, 2021)

Mini-Bio: Born in Cuernavaca and raised in Mexico City, I moved to Montreal when I was 13 years old. Though hard at first, adapting to my new life became easier as I got more and more involved in my community. By joining school clubs, tutoring and volunteering at various organizations, I further developed my interest in helping those around me. From a young age, I was very interested in sciences and was fascinated with understanding how things work. By seeing the progress of my orthodontic treatment, I was deeply drawn to the field of dentistry. Therefore, in order to expand my knowledge of the field, I shadowed and volunteered at many dental clinics. While I already had a scientific interest in the profession, seeing the doctor-patient relationships that were formed further convinced me that dentistry was the right career for me. I like to spend my free time with my friends and family, (poorly) playing piano or watching a good Netflix show. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Yu-Yao Changyu-yao.chang [at] (Yu-Yao Chang)

Class of 2025

Language(s): English, French and Mandarin Chinese

Hometown: Gatineau, Quebec

Education: DEC in Natural Sciences (Cégep de l’Outaouais, 2015); B.Hsc. in Health Sciences (University of Ottawa, 2018); Qualifying Year for the Master of Science Applied in Physical Therapy (McGill University, 2019); M.Sc.A in Physical Therapy (McGill University, 2021)

Mini-Bio: I lived in the Ottawa-Gatineau region for the majority of my life, where I studied Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. I later came to Montreal to study physical therapy at McGill University. What drew me to dentistry is my whole orthodontics experience: the partnership that was formed between my dentist and I, and the joyful and gratifying feeling that we both experienced after seeing the before and after pictures of my teeth. Dentistry brought a smile to my face; I want to give back to the community by bringing more smiles into the society. For several years, I have been helping my community by teaching Mandarin to children, coaching badminton, and volunteering at a non-profit foundation for kids with disabilities. I chose to pursue dentistry at McGill because of its community-focused vision and its numerous outreach programs. During my free time, you can find me exploring different food delicacies around the city or playing badminton and volleyball! Please don’t be shy to reach out for any questions that you may have regarding dentistry or McGill; it will be my pleasure to help!

Christina Chavenetanne.chavenet [at] (Christina Chavenet)

Class of 2025

Language(s): English, French and Haitian Creole

Hometown: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Education: B.Sc Biology (Concordia University, 2016); M.Sc in Public Health (McGill, 2020)

Mini-Bio: I was born and raised in Haiti and moved to Montreal when I was 18 to pursue my studies. I remember being surprised when in middle school a friend told me that she had never been to the dentist! Growing up, I realized that it was common in many places due to a lack of education or access to oral care, it sparked my desire to pursue dentistry. Later I volunteered at a children’s hospital where I enjoyed conversing and listening to patients which confirmed my love for healthcare. What I like the most about dentistry is that it allows me to combine problem solving and creativity to find an approach that is unique to each patient. Aside from my academic interests, dance is an important aspect of my cultural heritage and I started since the age of 7. When I dance, I can challenge myself because there are always new techniques to learn. I also like to play volleyball, binge-watch a good show on Netflix and hanging out with friends. In the future, I look forward to being able to use my knowledge and skills to increase the access to oral health in various communities.

Hayeon Minhayeon.min [at] (Hayeon Min)

Class of 2025

Language(s): English, French and Korean

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Education: DEC in Arts and Sciences (Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, 2020), Dent-P Year (McGill University, 2021)

Mini-Bio: My family left South Korea to settle in Canada when I was six months old. I witnessed numerous challenges when transitioning into a new setting while staying attached to my Asian roots throughout my growth in Montréal. Spending my childhood in a bilingual environment, I was quickly exposed to the rich diversity of the city. I developed a passion in serving the immigrant community through various cultural and humanitarian events. In CEGEP, I began to explore new fields of activities that used to be intimidating for my timid self. I learnt to present competitively at science fairs, develop teamwork at the school’s entrepreneurship club, and express on stage for the Thespian troupe. By discovering new interests, challenges, and traits about myself – including health, management, teaching, and especially arts – I saw how dentistry’s multidisciplinary approach appealed to me. At McGill, I am thankful of the kindliness and the altruistic initiatives of the students in the dental faculty. I enjoy sharing my love for food, music, and climbing with my school friends. I also like to wind down with long walks in the nature and little handcrafting projects.

Damian Rendondamian.rendon [at] (Damian Rendon)

Class of 2025

Language(s): English, French and Spanish

Hometown: Bogota, Colombia

Education: DEC in Enriched Health Sciences (Dawson College, 2020); Dent-P Program (McGill University, 2021)

Mini-Bio: I was born in Colombia and immigrated to Canada when I was eight. Growing up, I changed schools multiple times, which was difficult, but allowed me to cherish diversity by meeting people from all walks of life. In high school, I discovered my passion for science: I found great enthusiasm when learning about the world and its living beings, and this interest has only gotten stronger throughout my studies. In cégep, I had the opportunity of engaging within my community by being a student representative of my program, an executive of both the chess club and a homeless outreach club, and a volunteer at the first aid room and at campus events. My first memorable experience with dentistry was at the orthodontist: I will always remember the solicitude with which I was treated and the unique connection that I was able to form with the staff. From this, I realized that dentistry was the perfect mix of science, human interaction, hands-on work, and business that I needed! In my free time, I love to wear funky socks, relax with videogames, go rock climbing, read an interesting book, or play chess! I’ll be glad to answer your questions so do contact me!

Zainab Abdulhuseinzainab.abdulhusein [at] (Zainab Abdulhusein)

Class of 2024

Language(s): English, French (casual) and Gujurati

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Education: B. Sc. Psychology with a minor in Biology (Carleton University, 2020)

Mini-Bio: I was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area and grew up in big family with four younger siblings. I have always been artistically and scientifically inclined, and from a young age have been interested in the healthcare field. I moved to Ottawa to study Psychology and Biology at Carleton University (CU). During my time in Ottawa, I was involved with arts and comedy collectives, was a unit leader for the Girl Guides of Canada, volunteered with CU Women in Science and Engineering, and used my cooking skills at my community kitchen. My natural draw to caring for others, handy work, and the love of combining the arts and sciences lead me to my interest in dentistry. I was privileged with the opportunity to volunteer at McGill’s Summer Clinic, assisting students in providing dental care for financially marginalized patients. I was drawn to McGill Dentistry for its commitment to community service, along with it’s warm and welcoming environment, small class size, phenomenal facilities, and its diversity and equity values. When I’m not studying, I love getting outdoors, going to cafes, reading, and doing yoga. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns!

Rita El-Haddadrita.el-haddad [at] (Rita El-Haddad)

Class of 2024

Language(s): English, French, Arabic and Spanish (rudimentary)

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Education: DEC in Health Science (Collège Bois-de-Boulogne, 2017), B.Sc. Kinesiology (Université de Montréal)

Mini-Bio: Born in Lebanon, my family immigrated to Montreal where I was raised since I was 2 years old. Throughout my life, I was always driven towards the health profession. In college, as a first aid volunteer, I knew that I wanted to provide help to people in my future profession. During my undergrad, I learned about the importance of prevention, but I felt that I was missing the hands-on aspect in the career. I was convinced that I wanted to combine arts, prevention and intervention in the same profession as these three are in my top values and interests, therefore dentistry was the perfect profession. To confirm my desire to pursue a career in dentistry, I shadowed dentists. The dental offices felt like my second home, and from there, I knew that dentistry was my vocation. In my free time, I enjoy learning about new cultures, hiking, playing piano and spending time with my family, my sweet niece and my friends. The day I got accepted at McGill Dentistry felt like a dream. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure to help you make your dream come true.

romy.jedwab [at] (Romy Jedwab)

Class of 2024

Language(s): English, French

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Education: DEC in Health Sciences (Marianopolis College, 2011); B.Sc. Exercise Science (Concordia University, 2014); M.Sc. in Public Health with a focus on Global Health (Université de Montréal, 2017)

Mini-Bio: Born and raised in Montreal, I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and the food culture which Montreal is reputed for. I tend to be nicer when I’m not hungry and enjoy meeting new people and learning new things! I believe the world is full of endless experiences and my journey, has yet to begin. My desire to enter Dentistry at McGill began at a young age with my regular visits during my childhood to my dentist. I’ve always had considerable sensitivity in my teeth. By consequence, I've had much exposure to the dental environment and the procedures it entails. Although I was convinced that my dentist was a magician, I understand today that many of the procedures I underwent were far more complex. My personal experience permits me to testify to the importance of addressing oral health issues, appreciate the profession and expertise of dental practitioners as well as the compassion and care that characterizes the patient-dentist relationship. For those reasons, dentistry has always been my calling.

Joon Kwontaek.kwon [at] (Joon Kwon)

Class of 2024

Language(s): English, French and Korean

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Education: DEC in Health Sciences (Collège de Maisonneuve, 2019), Dent-P Program (McGill University, 2020)

Mini-Bio: I was born in South Korea but moved to Canada in my early childhood. Moving from province to province from New Brunswick, to Quebec, to Ontario, I was thrust into new environments all my life. Finally, my family settled down in Montreal and I couldn’t be happier. From a young age I was enrolled in the Air Cadets where I learnt valuable skills in leadership from who I think are the greatest leaders. As I became older, I slowly felt a calling to mentor and teach youth that were dealing with the same things I dealt with. This is what pushed me to volunteer at a community centre to mentor a diverse group of children in my community and to work as a tutor at various science “centres d’aide” in my cégep. Dentistry, being at the intersection of science, visual arts, and interpersonal relationships, has always attracted me as a profession. Combining all these skills to create a beautiful smile is absolutely magical. Nowadays, the joys in my life are reading self-improvement books, doing some light jogging, or helping my parents out at their restaurant. Together we are stronger; contact me and let’s start a conversation!

mohammed.w.mohammed [at] (Mohammed Mohammed)

Class of 2024

Language(s): English, French and Arabic

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Education: DEC in Health Science (Champlain College, 2019); Dent-P Program (McGill University, 2020)

Mini-Bio: Coming from an Iraqi background, I was born in Yemen and my family immigrated to Canada. At an early age, I enjoyed playing computer games, and I eventually did so competitively in a team environment. I was also a part of my high school’s competitive volleyball and soccer teams. I was enrolled in an IB program and it taught me at an early age the importance of diversity and community involvement. I enjoyed spending my weekends volunteering in environment councils, fundraising events for a variety of causes and tutoring. This latter passion for community involvement followed me and I kept tutoring in CEGEP. Furthermore, my passion for science started developing and I began considering dentistry as a career path. I was also inspired by my brother who was pursuing a career in dentistry. I did some volunteering in the MUHC as a friendly visitor and building patient/volunteer relationships taught me the importance of compassion in healthcare. Dentistry seemed like the perfect mix between three elements of my passions: manual dexterity that I've developed playing video games competitively, science that has always satisfied my inquisitive mind and human relationships developed through my volunteering. Outside of the classroom, you can find me at the gym, playing video games or at the library reading about the latest scientific discoveries.

alexandra.papadakis [at] (Alexandra Papadakis)

Class of 2024

Language(s): English, French

Hometown: Laval, Quebec

Education: DEC in Health Sciences (Marianopolis College, 2015); B.Sc. Anatomy and Cell Biology (McGill University, 2018); Minor in Arts and Sciences (University of Montreal, 2019); B.Sc. Psychology (University of Montreal, interrupted in 2020)

Mini-Bio: Having grown up in Laval, I was elated when I got accepted into the same university where I completed my bachelor’s degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology. One of the most memorable and rewarding parts of my undergraduate experience, was organizing and attending events for the special needs community. I hope to one day offer dental services to this group as my brother also has special needs. As dentistry had always sparked my interest, I approached my dentist and asked to volunteer with him in order to familiarize myself with the practice. I enjoyed every aspect of my experience, from the variety of the work, to the doctor-patient interactions, which ultimately convinced me that I wanted to pursue a career in dentistry. When looking into different dental schools I came across the faculty’s community initiatives and knew that McGill Dentistry would be the right fit for me. In my free time I like to paint, hike and try new restaurants. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them!

stella.predoiu [at] (Stella Maria Predoiu)

Class of 2024

Language(s): English, French, Romanian, Spanish (casual) and German (rudimentary)

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Education: DEC in Health Sciences (Marianopolis College, 2019); Dent-P Program (McGill University, 2020)

Mini-Bio: Born in Montreal and raised in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, I grew up in a busy household with my parents, my sister, a grey tuxedo cat, and usually grandparents visiting from Romania. I first discovered how much I care about people when tutoring primary school children at the local library, and working as a swim instructor and lifeguard at my city's aquatic centre; however, it was college where I began real involvement with my community. Thus, I had the chance to befriend amazing teenagers at Best Buddies and become president of its Marianopolis chapter, volunteer at a pediatrics clinic and complete an Indigenous Studies certificate, have fun with costume design for my college’s theatre company, and spend many hours in the First Aid room, thankfully not as a patient. All of this shaped my desire to pursue a health career and dentistry in particular. I realized that dentistry is so much more than telling people to floss every day, as it combines education, health, and artistry, among others, and I could not be happier to be studying it at McGill University. In my spare time, I am binge-watching Sherlock, devouring fantasy novels, and planning my next travels. Contact me! It will be my pleasure to help you!

ildi.troka [at] (Ildi Troka)

Class of 2024

Language(s): English, French, Albanian and Spanish (rudimentary)

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Education: DEC in Health Sciences (College de Bois-de-Boulogne, 2013); B.Sc. Physiology (McGill University, 2016), M.Sc. in Experimental Medicine (McGill University, 2018)

Mini-Bio: I was born in Albania and moved to Montreal when I was four. Growing up, I was always passionate about health sciences, and I knew that I wanted to work in this field. Through my education, I’ve volunteered in nursing homes and in hospitals, where I enjoyed giving back and helping my community. My interest in dentistry came at a very young age where I remember enjoying witnessing the job my Dentist was doing. More particularly, I liked the hands-on aspect, engaging with people and help them improve their oral health, as well as the business side of the profession too. The science behind dentistry also fascinated me, so to extend my knowledge I decided doing a Master’s degree in Experimental Medicine where my research was in the bone field. Working for one year in patent law also allowed me to gain valuable experience about the business side of science. I chose McGill Dentistry because of its new modern dental clinic, the innovative research being conducted by worldwide renowned researchers and its community outreach program helping more vulnerable populations of society. Being a big fan of outdoor activities, I enjoy cycling and fishing during my spare time. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

jiongci.xu [at] (Lisa Xu)

Class of 2024

Language(s): English, Mandarin, French (rudimentary)

Hometown: Wenzhou, China

Education: B.Sc. Pharmacology with minor in Psychology (McGill, 2019)

Mini-Bio: I was born in China and moved to Michigan at sixteen as an exchange student. I finished my high school in New York City and moved to Montreal for my undergraduate studies at McGill University. Upon graduating with a degree in Pharmacology, I participated in the Odyssey Program where I was an English language assistant at a middle school in Lévis. Having lived in many places, I appreciated Montreal the most. Its multicultural environment provided me with the opportunities to meet people from different social and cultural backgrounds. It was also part of the reason I chose McGill Dentistry. Being a friendly visitor of seniors and patients at Entraide Bénévole Métro and Montreal General Hospital, I valued the importance of community involvement. I was also the president of McGill Students Chinese Music Society where I got to stretch my mind and used creative elements for our annual concert. Dentistry appeals to me in that it not only helps me to serve my community but also allows me to exercise my creativity through precise handicraft. During my free time, I also love knitting, baking and playing board/video games with my friends!


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