Why Choose McGill


The Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences at McGill offers students undergraduate and graduate programs in a dynamic and diverse setting. Students will have the opportunity to attend one of the world’s greatest and most research intensive dental school.


►  State-of-the-art facilities – newly renovated in 2014! 

Our main facility was completely renovated in 2014 and includes a new teaching clinic, a simulation lab and classrooms all with leading edge technology. In addition, our students work within the McGill University Health Centre hospitals and community organisations as well as with our affiliated research centres.



A first-class Community Outreach Program providing excellent care to people in need

All dental students partake in the multi-faceted community outreach program offering free mobile and fixed location care to a variety of vulnerable groups across the city. Our research programs evaluate different dental care delivery models for vulnerable groups to help develop new, more permanent models of care integrated in government health services.


►  An innovative curriculum

A constantly changing curriculum reflecting the rapid evolution of dental care with a heavy emphasis on an evidence-based approach. Small class sizes offer students individualized training and learning opportunities to help achieve academic and clinical excellence. 



►  An abundance of research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students

A series of research courses are offered throughout the undergraduate program, enabling students to learn the basics of research methods, protocol, and reporting. Students receive a high level of technical support and interact extensively with faculty, post-doctoral fellows, research associates and assistants.


professional postings►  A long-term career focus

The Faculty has the largest General Practice Residency Program in the country, based in three university hospitals. 95% of graduating dental students enter residency programs across Canada and the USA each year, and 30% continue to do a specialty program.



 ►  A highly engaged student population

The Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences has a vibrant Dental Student Society and Dental Graduate Student Society whom organise numerous student led events and activities. Our student ambassadors are here to communicate with those interested in applying and support applicants during the selection process.


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