Student Led Community Initiatives

Dear Dental Students,

We would like to introduce the new Student Community Initiatives Committee (SCIC). This committee will be overseeing all student-led volunteer community initiatives related to dentistry and the oral health of underprivileged people and communities as well as ongoing annual fundraising events. The role of this committee is to help guide, support and promote your events. We are a resource for students already involved in initiatives and those looking to become more involved. The SCIC will be involved in all McGill dental student activities which fall under the following criteria:

  • Student-led initiatives related to Dentistry and Oral Health
  • Community service provided by students representing McGill Dentistry
  • Raising awareness about oral health in the community
  • Fundraising for Outreach

If you are interested in starting a new community initiative, please follow this link to fill out an application form and follow the application guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your SCIC Student Representatives by frances.power [at] (subject: SCIC%20Website) (Email) .


Ninoska, Mallory, Marise, Stamatis, Sophie, and Ziad
2018-2019 SCIC Student Representatives