Welcome to the class of 2022

McGill Dentistry & Medicine Orientation 

August 21-23, 2018

McIntyre Medical Sciences Building

All newly admitted students must attend the Orientation and Registration sessions from August 21 to 23 inclusive. Students must have a photo ID on hand in order to register.


Message from the Dean:

I am delighted to welcome you to the Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University.

Respecting and valuing inclusion and diversity, our Faculty hosts Canadian and international students who are passionate about the science and art of Dentistry, who are committed to promoting global oral health and who are curious about discoveries, research and innovation.

We want our students to have an enriching experience during the years they spend at our Faculty, and to leave us not only with accumulated knowledge and skills but as happy people. The great sense of pride and belonging, and the strong bonds between our students and Faculty which remain constant even after graduation, mean a lot to us: our students are confident and highly satisfied with the quality of their education.  [ Read More]