Reading List

Some textbooks you might find helpful:

One of these two books would be the best preparation for you!

  • Molecular Biology of the Cell 2012 Alberts
  • Molecular Cell Biology by H. Lodish et al, 7th ed., W.H. Freeman & Co. 2012

Other resources that you may find helpful

  • Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, 12e Bertram G. Katzung, Susan B. Masters, Anthony J. Trevor (especially the introductory chapters)
  • Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology, 24e Kim E. Barrett, Scott Boitano, Susan M. Barman, Heddwen L. Brooks
  • Vander's Human Physiology (McGraw Hill)

Chemistry e-books:


Physics e-books:

Link 1

Link 2

A Statistics primer:


Note: Consult the basic science textbook section at Access Medicine once you get your McGill ID.

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