PhD Candidate Shannon Hutcheson Awarded Mitacs Globalink

Published: 12 September 2022

iMPACTS research assistant and PhD candidate Shannon Hutcheson received a Mitacs Globalink Research Award, which supports research collaborations between Canada and select partner organizations in countries around the world. The Mitacs award granted Shannon the opportunity to work with Dr. Sylvie Lomer for three months at the University of Manchester in the Manchester Institute of Education. Dr. Lomer specializes in international higher education, with her work critically highlighting policies that impact international students in the UK.

During her Mitacs tenure, Shannon had the opportunity to share her research on international students with other scholars in the Higher Education Research Group at the University of Manchester. Collaborating with leading and emerging experts in the field of international education has been instrumental in propelling Shannon's research forward as she approaches the end of her degree.

Thanks to this award, Shannon has advanced her systematic content analysis of international students' experiences with sexual violence in the justice system, authored a chapter on racialized international students as part of a collection of best research practices for international students, and given tutorials on critical discourse analysis. Shannon has also shared her research methodologies, including critical discourse analysis, critical policy analysis, systematic content analysis via formal and informal presentations in classrooms, research talks, and dialogues. Lastly, this experience set the foundation for Shannon's final dissertation manuscript on policy, international students in Canada, and COVID-19.

Congratulations, Shannon!

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