Op-Ed: What COVID-19 Can Teach Us About Living with a Chronic Illness


Published: 7Jun2020

Nina Morena, a research assistant on IMPACTS and a PhD student in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies, wrote about the importance of keeping immunocompromised people in mind as we go through the COVID-19 pandemic. In her op-ed piece, Nina reminds us that "while we might 'feel fine,' we aren’t all facing this pandemic with the same strength and immune systems." 

Nina shared her personal experience about her grandfather who had cancer and discusses the online movement #stayhomeforcancer, which encourages people to reflect on how their actions during the pandemic impact those living with cancer. Nina's op-ed shares a valuable perspective and urges the public to reconsider how we care for immunocompromised members of our communities. Click here to read the full piece.



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