The iMPACTS Edited Collection on Sexual Violence is Published

Published: 11 July 2023

Cover of the book "Interrupting Sexual Violence" with the bust of a female body

iMPACTS is proud to announce the publication of our edited collection, Interrupting Sexual Violence: The Power of Law, Education, and MediaThe book was edited by Dr Shaheen Shariff, iMPACTS Project Director and James McGill Professor, and Dr Christopher Dietzel, Research Associate on iMPACTS. 

This unique and pioneering edited collection takes a multi-disciplinary approach, focusing on the Canadian context to understand and address sexual violence and gender-based violence. It looks at law, education, and systematic discrimination while emphasizing intersectional identities and the disproportionate impact of sexual and gender-based violence on marginalized communities. 

The book is divided into four sections, each of which examines sexual violence from a different perspective:

  • Section 1: Law and policy issues impacting universities
  • Section 2: Student activism and university responses to sexual violence
  • Section 3: Sexual violence interventions through education and pedagogy
  • Section 4: Vulnerable communities within legal, human rights, and social justice frameworks

Interrupting Sexual Violence is aimed at policy makers, educators, students, workshop facilitators, archivists, theatre professionals, and the public. This collection consolidates emerging research from diverse disciplines, making it a recommended read for university-level courses spanning subjects such as law, policy, education, gender studies, health, and sociology.

Click here to learn more and order a copy of this edited collection.

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