Gender-Based and Sexual Violence Allyship on Social Media: A Toolkit

Published: 17 June 2022

 A Toolkit

Infographics, Twitter threads, and resource lists can be created and shared by anyone who feels so inclined. In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a rise of these social justice related posts being shared throughout our social media feeds. While we may have the best intentions when creating and sharing posts online, it can be very easy to overlook certain things, such as checking where the information in the posts are coming from.

The iMPACTS team is pleased to announce a new toolkit, Gender-Based and Sexual Violence Allyship on Social Media: A Toolkit, which provides tips to keep in mind when creating and sharing posts about gender-based and sexual violence through social media. The toolkit also sheds light on how easy it can be for allyship through social media to become a trend. Overall, this toolkit was made to support any individual, group, or organization who hopes to be more aware and understanding of social justice issues, including those related to gender-based and sexual violence, and how they are impacted by social media use.

iMPACTS would like to thank undergraduate research assistant Samantha Nepton for creating this great resource!



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