Artificial Intelligence and Education Summer Program by Stanford Graduates

Published: 27 April 2023

AI Innovators is an educational program committed to empowering the next generation of social science researchers to learn and apply artificial intelligence to push the frontiers of their fields. As generative AI technologies make an impact across disciplines, the possibilities for students across STEM and humanities fields to apply AI to projects from exoplanet candidate identification to assessing bias in the criminal justice system are endless.

Strong data analysis and AI skills improve the quality of research and job preparation for students in diverse fields. Developed and taught by MIT and Stanford graduates, the AI and Education Innovation Fellowship in summer 2023 offers students the opportunity to gain an endorsed technical skillset and complete a shareable AI project to advance their research and career ambitions.

The AI Innovators program offers a 25-hour education experience in Interdisciplinary Data Science which equips students in the arts with in-demand skills like data analysis in Python, statistics in R, and machine learning. Leveraging these new tools, students build out a professional portfolio with capstone projects such as facial emotion detection to improve classroom learning that draw on their unique interests. Please find more information about relevant projects here and apply here. Feel free to contact program coordinator Jared at programs [at] with any questions.



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