Irene Beeman

Irene BeemanIrene Beeman, BA Sociology, MSW, is a research coordinator at the Centre for Research on Children and Families (CRCF). She has coordinated research projects regarding cross-cultural perspectives on (in)adequate child care and supervision and regarding childhood literacy. She currently coordinates a project to document the implementation and evaluate the impact of the trauma-informed model Healthy Environments and Response to Trauma in Schools (HEARTS) in Montreal elementary schools, as well as the annual Complex Trauma Symposium and the Trans Youth and Families journal watch at the CRCF. Irene has several years of practice experience from community organizations in the U.S. and Canada conducting intervention and counselling with precarious-status immigrants and women experiencing conjugal violence, and is a trained birth doula and gynecological teaching associate. Her interests include trauma & resilience, health & social literacy, gender expression & socialization, human sexuality & intimate relationships, and birth & parenting culture.

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