Eliane Nevares

Eliane Nevares

Eliane Nevares holds a Master of Social Work from McGill University and is registered with the BC College of Social Workers. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Social Workers and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

With a passion for clinical work, Eliane works with a variety of populations including but not limited to those suffering from eating disorders and their co-morbid problems including mood and anxiety disorders, OCD, depression, and trauma. Additionally, Eliane works with clients navigating inter-personal relationships, life transitions, grief and loss, and the hurdles that might accompany these challenges.

True to her social work roots, Eliane works from both a trauma-informed and psychosocial perspective. She believes it is integral to understand each person in the context of their environment, move beyond the symptom, and dive deeper to achieve self exploration, growth, and long-term recovery.

Contacteliane.nevares [at] gmail.com (Email)

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