Instruments and facilities


The list of instruments located within the research labs can be found here.



The McGill Chemistry Characterization (MC2) facility is a multi-user facility located in the basement of the Otto Maass building that provides instrumentation and expertise on a wide variety of analytical and microscopy techniques. It serves both the experienced and novice investigators from academia and industry and services include training for independent use, analytical services and full support from experienced staff. Visit the website ( for all information about the facility.

  Name Telephone email
Thermal analysis and spectroscopy and CQMF Petr Fiurasek 514-983-6288 Petr.Fiurasek [at] McGill.CA
Microscopy and imaging and CQMF Mohini Ramkaran 514-398-6904 Mohini.Ramkaran [at] McGill.CA
Mass spectrometry Nadim Saadeh 514-398-6178 Nadim.Saadeh [at] McGill.CA
Magnetic Resonance Kirill Levin 514-398-6219  Kirill.Levin [at] McGill.CA
X-ray diffraction Hatem Titi - Hatem.Titi [at] mail.McGill.CA
Materials characterization and CQMF Violeta Toader 514-398-8228 Violeta.Toader [at] McGill.CA
Mass spectrometry Alexander Wahba 514-398-7326 Alexander.Wahba [at] McGill.CA


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