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Teaching: Fall 2020 courses will proceed remotely!

  • Courses will be delivered via Zoom, myCourses, take-home kits, and other demonstrated interactive platforms
  • Course delivery will implement modern, evidence-based teaching techniques and technologies
  • This is a chance for students to shape their own education, and shape the future of science education at McGill

What will hands-on learning look like at McGill this fall?
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The Canadian Society for Chemistry and Chemical Institute of Canada are highlighting our department for excellence


Published: 30Apr2019

This year, the department was recognized by 4 prizes and awards from the Canadian Society for Chemistry and Chemical Institute of Canada to highlight the excellent of our researchers. Congratulation to profs. Lumb, Ariya, Barrett and Friscic for your remarkable successes:

1) JP Lumb – Keith Fagnou Award in organic chemistry (link:

The Keith Fagnou Award is presented to a scientist residing in Canada who has made a distinguished contribution to organic chemistry while working in Canada. Eligible candidates must have received their Ph.D. no more than 12 years prior at the time of initial nomination.

2) P Ariya - R&D Dima Award from the Environmental Division (link:

The Environment Division R&D Dima Award is presented for distinguished contributions to research and/or development in the fields of environmental chemistry or environmental chemical engineering, while working in Canada.

3) C Barrett –Macromol Sci Engn Award (link:

The Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award is presented to an individual who, while residing in Canada, has made a distinguished contribution to macromolecular science or engineering.

4) T Friscic – Excellence in Materials Science Award

The Award for Research Excellence in Materials Chemistry is presented to a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who has made an outstanding contribution to materials chemistry while working in Canada.

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