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ASK ANYTHING SESSION JUNE 26th for CHEM 110/112/211/212/224/234!


Please join us for a Chemistry "Ask Us Anything" session on June 26 at 10:30am (EDT, GMT -4:00). Lecturers and lab instructors from CHEM 110/112 (General Chemistry), CHEM 212/211/224 (Intro Organic I), and CHEM 234 (Intro Organic II) will be there to answer your questions about how these classes and labs will be formatted, what you can expect from these courses, and how best to prepare for them. Students who have taken CHEM 234 in the Summer 2020 term will also be on hand to provide a first-person perspective on what it’s like to take an online chemistry course at McGill.

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Amy Blum
Amy.Blum [at]
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