Standards for authorizing first-time trials of drugs in humans are lax, and should be strengthened in several ways, McGill University researchers argue in a paper published today in Nature.

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Published on: 30 Jan 2017

The end of September saw the formation of a new team of rivals: the Partnership on AI, whose motto is "to benefit people and society". The partnership includes tech giants Amazon, Google and its subsidiary Deepmind, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft.

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Published on: 3 Oct 2016

McGill Newsroom

Guidance addresses key scientific, ethical, social, and policy challenges raised by new technologies and emerging areas of stem cell discovery and application

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Published on: 12 May 2016

Prescriptions for dangerous alternatives to OxyContin are soaring, showing that a crackdown on the popular painkiller has failed to curb Canada’s opioid crisis.

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Published on: 12 Apr 2016

McGill Newsroom

​Policy experts advocate mutual recognition for reviews of data-intensive international research

Genomic research holds great potential to advance human health and medicine. But for the millions of data points now being collected through large-scale sequencing efforts to be truly valuable, they must be analyzed in aggregate and shared across institutions and jurisdictions. This raises many challenges, including navigation of complex ethics-approval processes at multiple sites and in multiple jurisdictions.

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Published on: 24 Mar 2016