Expert: Canadians seeking closure are finally holding funerals delayed by COVID-19

Published: 22Jun2022

The mandates may be lifted, but COVID-19 continues to shape how families across Canada mourn. Funeral directors say the COVID-19 pandemic has so altered what it means to mourn that it might be a...

Expert: Airport delays

Published: 16Jun2022

While the air transport industry welcomed news that millions of unvaccinated Canadians will soon be allowed to fly, experts and unions said a new influx of travellers could worsen the ongoing...

Experts: COVID-19

Published: 31May2022

Researchers are struggling to explain why Quebec had the country's highest official COVID-19 death toll, but a relatively low number of excess deaths. A study — titled Excess mortality, COVID-19...

Amid war and disease, World Happiness Report shows bright spot

Published: 18Mar2022

In this troubled time of war and pandemic, the World Happiness Report 2022 shows a bright light in dark times. According to the team of international researchers, including McGill University...

Psychology Experts on the Anxiety of the Lifting COVID Restrictions

Published: 14Mar2022

"Just as the pandemic experience differed for different people, emerging from it won't be the same for everyone", reads the subheader of a recent Montreal Gazette article that had psychology...

Le futur des soins aux aînés au Québec dans la période post-pandémique


Le GRSD est heureux de présenter le Panel interdisciplinaire pour l’année 2022!/lawCategory: Faculty of Law

Face masks impair nonverbal communication between individuals

Published: 21Feb2022

Since the onset of the worldwide pandemic, face masks have been widely adopted to control the spread of COVID-19. While masks are critical for mitigating disease contagion, they hide parts of our...


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