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CTV NEWS | Hundreds of Canadians willing to be infected with coronavirus to speed vaccine research

Published: 19May2020

Thousands of healthy volunteers, including hundreds of Canadians, have offered to try getting injected with a potential vaccine and then purposely becoming infected with COVID-19 to test if the...

Taylor Owen on the "Christchurch Call" | CBC Radio

Published: 16May2019

May 15, 2019 | Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other world leaders reunited in Paris for the "Christchurch Call" summit. This meeting brought together politicians and industry leaders in tech to...

Taylor Owen on the challenges of moderating online content | CBC News

Published: 16May2019

May 15, 2019 | McGill University's Chair of Media, Ethics and Communications Taylor Owen joined CBC's Andrew Nichols to talk about the challenges in tackling online extremism. The technical...

Ethical Challenges in the Provision of Mental Health Services for Children and Families During Disasters

Published: 28Jan2019

A review of academic and grey literature to identify ethical issues associated with the provision of mental health care during disasters, with particular attention to children and families....

Global health Seminar: The line between activism and reporting: ethics in journalism


McGill GHP is delighted to present a special seminar with Ms. Vidya Krishnan, Health & Science Editor for The Hindu....

Expert: Opioid epidemic

Published: 12Apr2016

​Prescriptions for dangerous alternatives to OxyContin are soaring, showing that a crackdown on the popular painkiller has failed to curb Canada’s opioid crisis.


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