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Wondering how the skills you develop doing science outreach can help with your future endeavours? Read about Dr. Allie Huerta (PhD in Chemistry and former star member of the Chemistry Outreach Group) and her new startup, AIM Colours — combining cosmetics and technology.

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Published on: 1 Jun 2022

McGill students participated for the first time this year in École en réseau and Cœur des sciences, two programs that provide programming for elementary and secondary school students across Quebec.  Read about  McGill students Jeremy Dawkins and Kirsten Crandall's engaging collaborations with  École en réseau and Cœur des sciences in McGill dans la ville's article 

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Published on: 22 Mar 2022

Founding members of the award-winning McGill Chemistry Outreach program have documented the inception and work of the group in Beyond exploding balloons- bringing the science of chemistry to the public, a new piece in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry.

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Published on: 9 Mar 2022

Watch herpetologist Jessica Ford explain the work she does with the easily overlooked, yet massively important tadpoles. 

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Published on: 28 Jan 2022

The Office of Science Outreach is excited to take its inquiry-based theory training completely online and asynchronous. Intro to McGill Science Outreach and Inquiry-Based Learning is now available on myCourses, McGill’s learning platform, for anyone interested in participating in the training. The Office created this course specifically to meet the needs of McGill outreach students but it is available to all students, faculty, and staff across the University and in other institutions.

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Published on: 27 Jan 2022

STEMM Diversity @ McGill co-founders Jessica Ford and Charles Xu detail their paths as scientists and what led them to come together to form STEMM Diversity @ McGill in the new article Promoting diversity in science.

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Published on: 21 Jan 2022

unEarth is one of the impact200 Bicentennial Student Sustainability Challenge finalists' and their platform and supplemental educator's manual are designed to reach out and teach youth about sustainability through environmental systems thinking.

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Published on: 21 Oct 2021

Considering outreach for Fall 2021?

Read about how McGill students share their passion for science!

By Jacky Farrell, Science Outreach Program Advisor

Published on: 19 Oct 2021

Marina Nysten and Joyce Wu are the co-founders of the McGill Scientific Writing Initiative (MSWI), a student-run organization dedicated to promoting effective science communication at McGill and beyond. The Office of Science Education recently collaborated with MSWI, which concluded its first year in service to the student body. Here, Marina and Joyce reflect on MSWI’s inaugural year and future plans as recent McGill alumni.

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Published on: 27 Sep 2021

STEMM Diversity group members have recently published a blog post with Cell Mentor, and a paper in Trends in Ecology.

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Published on: 24 Sep 2021

Science Literacy week is happening across Canada from September 20th to September 26th, and there many activities to participate in right in Montreal. For the seventh consecutive year, McGill Library is planning a range of activities.

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Published on: 15 Sep 2021

What is CRISPR? Science writer and masters student Ada McVean explains CRISPR for kids in a TikTok as part of an internship with McGill's Office of Science Outreach for the NSERC PROMOTE program! Ada is currently doing her masters in the Damha Research Group at McGill University making anti-CRISPR oligonucleotides. 

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Published on: 29 Jul 2021

The 2021 Eurêka Festival launched on June 30th, 2021, and McGill Outreach is participating! L'Archipel Virtuel is the first digital edition of the festival.

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Published on: 6 Jul 2021

The 2021 Principal's Prize for Public Engagement through Media winners and runners-up were named in April, including Faculty of Science outreach group BrainReach. 

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Published on: 5 Jul 2021

McGill's science outreach groups celebrated McGill's Bicentennial with an all day event that drew in over 200 participants to 16 activities and talks. 

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Published on: 5 Jul 2021


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