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For McGill alumnus, seaweed is green gold

Jean-Paul Deveau sells seaweed — or rather, products derived from it. His company, Acadian Seaplants Limited, is the world’s biggest producer of seaweed-based fertilizers and products for human and animal consumption. The company manufactures in five locations, including New Brunswick, Maine and Ireland; and exports to over 80 countries. One of those countries is Japan, where Deveau’s products are ubiquitous.

Published on : 15 Feb 2017

A Statement on Mutual Respect

Dear Members of the Desautels Community: I am writing regarding a recent event that is receiving wide media coverage and that I believe merits a statement. Last Monday, a member of the Board of Directors of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) took to Twitter to incite violence against individuals who espouse Zionist views.

Published on : 14 Feb 2017

A look at William Shatner’s net worth

Though he’s best-known as Captain Kirk, William Shatner has had a long career on screen and stage. After graduating from McGill University’s  Faculty of Management in 1952, he took a job as business manager of a Montreal-area theatre, where he discovered a love of acting. From his earliest gigs in Shakespeare festivals to his later work on Boston Legal, he has maintained a love of his craft, a rigorous work ethic and his discipline. And it’s paid off well: According to Spear’s Magazine, Shatner’s net worth is £380 million (or about $475 Million US dollars).

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Published on : 13 Feb 2017

The Bombardier loan is good business

Though Ottawa’s $372.5 million loan to Bombardier is causing a commotion in some quarters, Desautels Associate Professor Karl Moore says that a plane like the CSeries is a rare thing in Canadian business in that it’s a truly global, export-oriented product. Though there need to be limits, Professor Moore calls the loan “table stakes” for an aerospace industry that wants to compete in the big leagues with the likes of Embraer, Airbus and Boeing.

Published on : 13 Feb 2017

When statistics lie: politics and the US education system

For 2014-15, the graduation rate from US high schools hit a record 83%. As far as statistics go, that’s one that anyone would love, but there’s more going on than you’d think — and, according to Professor Reuven Brenner, politicians and bureaucracies can make a statistic say nearly anything.

Published on : 10 Feb 2017

How business can adapt to the new political realities in 2017

An uncertain business environment and the appeal of leaders such as Donald Trump provide a challenge to the consensus that has existed around leadership styles in recent years. Those at the top need to be able to adapt, as Nick Martindale reports

Published on : 09 Feb 2017

How good marketing can make social responsibility profitable

According to a new study in the Journal of Marketing, strong marketing can help a company maximize the benefits of social responsibility. The study’s authors, Desautels Associate Professor Saurabh Mishra and Sachin Modi from Iowa State University, analysed corporate social responsibility (CSR) actions across six categories: environment, products, diversity, corporate governance, employees and community.

Published on : 09 Feb 2017

Ottawa gives Bombardier a $372.5-million helping hand

Bombardier has been asking Ottawa for a billion dollars since 2015, and the Feds have finally stepped up to plate — with $372.5 million in interest-free loans. The money will go towards the company’s CSeries and Global 7000 business jets.

Published on : 09 Feb 2017

Recruiting and retaining millennials: a new HR approach

HR specialist Scotia Lockwood writes that, to maintain growth, a business must adjust its management style to suit millennials; they form a fast-growing demographic with a whole new set of expectations. Ms. Lockwood references an interview with Professor Karl Moore on an Australian Broadcasting Corporation podcast to point out that, to a millennial, feedback should be instantaneous, career growth fast, the money and benefits great — and the opportunity to relocate overseas is a plus.

Published on : 07 Feb 2017

Ericsson SVP talks tech disruption, family and prepping for change

Rima Qureshi is Ericsson’s senior VP for North America and an expert on the cloud, the Internet of Things and 5G networks, but she readily admits that change is the order of the day. As the industry undergoes huge changes, Ms. Qureshi works to stay ahead of the curve — and as a board member for both MasterCard and Great-West Life, she recognizes the same changes starting to impact those industries.

Published on : 07 Feb 2017

Quebec’s finance minister meets with McGill community to talk budget

Quebec’s finance minister, Carlos Leitão, is touring the province’s universities to consult students and other university members ahead of the provincial budget. The agenda is heavy on fiscal policy, public infrastructure investment, regional development and the social safety net. So far, Mr. Leitão has been to the University of Sherbrooke, Laval University and Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.

Published on : 07 Feb 2017

L’Oréal and the McGill Dobson Cup announce new award

For 2017, the McGill Dobson Cup powered by National Bank will feature a new prize! According to the Dobson Chronicle, the $12,000 L’Oréal-Dobson Startup Award will either go to a single team or be split up among competitors “who demonstrate innovative ideas in the areas of green chemistry, material and health sciences to support future hair and skin applications.” The prize is open across all four of the startup competition’s categories: Health Sciences, Social Enterprise, Small & Medium Enterprise and Innovation Driven Enterprise.

Published on : 07 Feb 2017

MDIIM recognized by AACSB International for Driving Innovation in Business Education Worldwide

The second annual Innovations That Inspire initiative recognizes institutions serving as champions of change in the business education landscape. Of the 315 applications received across 33 countries, 35 innovations were selected and highlighted on February 6th at the 2017 AACSB Deans Conference in New Orleans, USA.

Published on : 07 Feb 2017

Top-ranked Vermont law firm elevates McGill grad to shareholder

Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer PC, one of New England’s leading law firms, has appointed nine lawyers as shareholders, including McGill alumna Alexandra H Clauss (BCom'03). Ms. Clauss is an employment law specialist who helps corporations comply with legal work standards. She also works on policy development and training, and speaks often on these issues. Ms. Clauss was named a Super Lawyers Rising Star, Employment & Labor three years in a row.

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Published on : 02 Feb 2017

Millennials in business: honesty transparency and authenticity in Trump’s America

Millennials value authenticity even more than GenXers or Boomers do, and that affects everything from the workplace to the recent US election, says Peter Kozodoy, chief strategy officer at GEM Advertising. In a recent blog post that draws from the work of Professor Karl Moore, Mr. Kozodoy uses six definitions to describe the ideal candidate for the millennial vote. A quick glance at the list will reveal that neither candidate made the grade.

Published on : 02 Feb 2017