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Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis

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Professeur agrégé, Département de philosophie (Université McGill)



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Projets en cours

  • AUMI as a tool for socialization and the achievement of pedagogic goals in children with disabilities—analysis of pilot project data
  • Singing Identity—Jeanne Lee’s Vocal Practice; A study of her vocal practice and its relationship to theories of the construction of intersectional identities. (book)
  • Creative Urban Sound-Walk Apps
  • Design and Implementation of fully adaptive Playgrounds
  • Best Practices for Community—University—Private Sector Research Partnerships Development of Success Indicators for Community-Facing Cultural Programs


Sélection de publications

Eric Lewis. « This Ain’t A Hate Thing: Jeanne Lee and the Subversion of the Jazz Standard », Jazz and Culture, vol. 1, 2018.

Eric Lewis, Georgina Born et William Straw (dir.). Improvisation and Social Aesthetics, Duke University Press, 2017.

Eric Lewis. « What is “Great Black Music”? The Social Aesthetics of the AACM in Paris », dans G. Born, E. Lewis, W. Straw (dir.), Improvisation and Social Aesthetics, 2017.

Eric Lewis. The Video Art of Sylvia Safdie, McGill Queens Press, 2013.

Eric Lewis. « The Cosmic Alloy: Xenakis as Platonic Demiurge », dans Sharon Kanach (dir.), Exploring Xenakis, Pendragon, 2012.

Eric Lewis. Alexander of Aphrodisias, Commentary on Book IV of Aristotle’s Meteorologia, Duckworth and Cornell University Press, 1996.

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