Radio Interview with Nicholas Kasirer

Nicholas Kasirer was interviewed in December 2007 on the subject of the internationalisation of legal education by Antoine Garapon on Radio France's Le Droit Commun.

To listen to the interview, click here.

Transsystemic Teaching in the Classroom

In order to facilitate a better understanding of how transsystemic legal education functions in the classroom, the Centre is pleased to present several film clips of transsystemic classes taught at McGill Law.

Family Law (Upper Year Course, Winter 2014)
Professor Robert Leckey

Transsystemic Teaching: Filiation (1:19:26; streaming video)

Business Associations (Upper Year Course, Winter 2008)
Professor Lionel Smith

Class 1

Complete Lecture:
Transsystemia, Mandate and Agency (1:32:35)

Lecture Clips:

1. One approach to transsystemic teaching (18:16)

2. Introduction to mandate and agency (24:26)

3. The contract of mandate in Quebec civil law (8:25)

4. The relationship of agency in the common law (9:14)

5. Authority and ratification (4:20)

6. The problem of unratified excess of authority (4:59)

Class 2

Complete Lecture:
Partnerships (1:37:42)

Lecture Clips:

1. Introduction to partnership (13:38)

2. The contract of partnership in Quebec civil law (6:00)

3. The relationship of partnership in the common law (4:52)

4. Partnership formation (12:55)

5. The liability structure of partnership (4:20)

Contractual Obligations (First Year Course, 2007-2008)
Professor Rosalie Jukier

Complete Lecture:
The remedy of specific performance in contracts (1:18:33)

Lecture Clips:

1. Introduction to the remedy of specific performance (6:03)

2. Case examples (7:40)

3. Historical perspective (5:20)

4. Legal transplantation (7:45)

5. Methodological approach to specific performance (10:46)

6. Practical impediments - court supervision (13:43)

7. Practical impediments - hardship and economic arguments (17:13)

8. Conclusions on specific performance (9:53)

Extra-Contractual Obligations (First Year Course, Fall 2008)
Professor Daniel Jutras

Duty of care or the limits of civil responsibility (1:13:40) (in French)

Other Multimedia

Trust in Civil Law

The Trusts in Civil Law Workshop videos can be found here.


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