Selected Scholarly Writing about Transsystemic Legal Education

About the Transsystemic Program

Harry Arthurs," Law and Learning in an Era of Globalization " [pdf] Focusing McGill's legal education programme, Harry Arthurs discusses how legal education shapes the law and law shapes the world, and also the reverse, how the forces of political economy influence law as a system of social ordering, as a cultural phenomenon and an intellectual enterprise, and as the subject or object of study in law schools.
(2009) 10 German Law Law Journal 639.

Harry Arthurs," Madly Off in One Direction: McGill’s New Integrated, Polyjural, Transsystemic Law Programme " [pdf] Harry Arthurs explores the positive aspects of transsystemic legal education at McGill while asking at the same time why transsystemia seems to embrace polyjurality but not interdisciplinary studies.
(2005) 50 McGill Law Journal 707.

Armand de Mestral," Bisystemic Law Teaching - The McGill Programme and The Concept of Law in the EU " [pdf] Professor Armand De Mestral outlines McGill’s transsystemic program as a unique approach to legal pedagogy which has yet to be explored by EU law faculties despite the approach’s obvious benefits for EU legal education.
(2003) Common Market Law Review. 40: 799–807. Reprinted/Adaptated with the permission of Kluwer Law International Publisher. Permission granted only for this site.

Roderick A. Macdonald & Jason MacLean, " No Toilets in Park " [pdf] The authors review the unique context of the McGill Program’s creation and characterizes the program as an ongoing conversation over the evolution of law, language and intellectual histories.
(2005) 50 McGill Law Journal 721.

Yves-Marie Morissette," McGill's Integrated Civil and Common Law Program " [pdf] An indepth look at the contextual development, raison d’etre and structural objectives of the McGill Program.
(2002) 52 Journal of Legal Education 14.

Transsystemia in the Classroom

Shauna Van Praagh, " Palsgraf as 'Transsystemic' Tort Law " [SSRN] This paper revisits the 1928 case of Palsgraf v Long Island Railway in order to illustrate and explore the substance and method of transsystemic law teaching.
(2011) 6:2 Journal of Comparative Law 243.

Rosalie Jukier, " How to Introduce Similarities and Differences and Discuss Common Problems in the Classroom " [pdf] A practical how-to guide and advice for effectively teaching law transsystemically through innovative pedagogical methods.
(2007) Conference paper presented at the International Association of Law Schools Conference, Suzhou, China, October 17-19, 2007.

Rosalie Jukier, " Where Law and Pedagogy Meet in the Transsystemic Contracts Classroom " [pdf] Professor Rosalie Jukier provides a practical example of how to teach transsystemically in a Contracts classroom.
(2005) 50 McGill Law Journal 790.

Rosalie Jukier, " Transnationalizing the Legal Curriculum: How to Teach What We Live " [pdf] Professor Rosalie Jukier describes the McGill Program and the challenges that face law faculties that seek to transnationalize the legal education curriculum.
(2006) 56 Journal of Legal Education 172.

Shauna van Praagh," Navigating the Transsystemic: A Course Syllabus " [pdf] Professor Shauna Van Praagh presents McGill’s transsystemic approach to legal education by leading readers through the creation of a transsystemic course syllabus.
(2005) 50 McGill Law Journal 701.

Reflections on Transsystemia

Armand de Mestral & Helge Dedek, " Born to be Wild: The Trans-Systemic Programme of Legal Education at McGill and the Denationalisation of Legal Education" [pdf] The authors explore McGill's transsystemic program and examine how in legal education, jurisdictional boundaries seem to have lost significance in an internationalized environment. (2009) 10 German Law Journal 889.

H. Patrick Glenn," Doin’ the Transsystemic: Legal Systems and Legal Traditions " [pdf] Professor Patrick Glenn emphasizes the importance of transsystemic legal teaching as a tool for providing for a fuller understanding of the relationships between different legal traditions.
(2005) 50 McGill Law Journal 863.

Richard Janda," Toward Cosmopolitan Law " [pdf] The intersection between philosophy and law comes together through transsystemic legal studies where the dialogue created poses many significant questions for understanding how both disciplines interact with each other.
(2005) 50 McGill Law Journal 275.

Daniel Jutras," Énoncer l'indicible: le droit entre langues et traditions " [pdf] Professor Daniel Jutras uses transsystemic legal educations as a platform for discussing the importance of different approaches in shaping a lawyer’s juridical identity.
(2000) Revue internationale de droit comparé, no. 4.

Nicholas Kasirer," Bijuralism in Law's Empire and in Law's Cosmos " [pdf] Dean Kasirer describes the importance of teaching the Law’s “empire” and Law’s “Cosmos” in fostering a greater understanding of transsystemic education and ultimately in creating more global lawyers.
(2002) 52 Journal of Legal Education 29.

Nicholas Kasirer," Legal Education as Métissage " [pdf] Using the concept of Metissage, Nicholas Kasirer argues that legal education through transsystemia should be organized as dialogue and encounters between different legal traditions such that the law can be understood in a nomadic fashion free from territoriality.
(2003) 78 Tulane Law Review 481.

Further Reading

Pascal Ancel, "Dénationaliser l'enseignement du droit civil ? Réflexions autour d'une expérience québécoise"
[2011] Revue trimestrielle de droit civil 701.

Julie Bédard, "Transsystemic Teaching of Law at McGill: ‘Radical Changes, Old and New Hats'"
(2001) 27 Queen's Law Journal 237.

A. Blackett, "Globalization and its Ambiguities:  Implications for Law School Curricular Reform” (1998) 37 Columbia J. Transnational L. 57.

John C. Brierley, "Developments in Legal Education at McGill, 1970–1980" (1983) 7 Dalhousie Law Journal 364.

John C. Brierley, "Quebec Legal Education since 1945: Cultural Paradoxes and Traditional Ambiguities" (1986) 10 Dalhousie Law Journal 5.

V. Forray, "Enseigner le droit complexe, redéfinir le droit en compétence, à propos d’une analyse américaine du programme transsystémique de l’Université McGill" (2010) Jurisprudence - Revue Critique 267.

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Peter Strauss, "Transsystemia – Are We Approaching a New Legal Langdellian Moment? Is McGill Leading The Way?"
(2006) 24 Penn State International Law Review 763.

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