Introduction to Data Visualization in R


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Introduction to Data Visualization with R

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You always wanted to create nice looking graphs from you tables and statistical analyses? This is your workshop. You will learn how the grammar of graphics (Leland Wilkinson 1999) is implemented into the ggplot2 package in R and how to use it to flexibly create amazing looking graphs.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to
     > understand the grammar of graphics in the ggplot2 package
     > create different types of graphs
     > change the aesthetics of graphs (e.g. colour, formatting of labels and axes, themes)
     > use techniques to deal with overplotting (e.g. groups and facets)

Pre-requisites? Introductory understanding of R, e.g. from Introduction to Data Science with R or equivalent.

Date: Thursday March 17, 2022
Time: 1PM to 3PM
Location: Burnside Hall BH511
Instructor: Tim Elrick

This workshop is offered for free by the Faculty of Science to the McGill community. Due to the limited amount of spots available, if you sign up for a workshop and don't show up, you will not be allowed to register for another workshop this semester.
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