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Free Online Job Posting

McGill's Career Planning Service (CaPS) is proud to introduce you to our on-line Integrated Career Services System, myFuture. This cutting-edge and intuitive web application allows us to serve you efficiently and effectively. As always, there will be no charge to post jobs or internships with us.

Prior to registering, please consult our Employer Recruitment Policy.

To post a job online:

Learn About Hiring McGill Students

How does the online job posting service work?

  • Your employment listing will be posted for 30 days OR until your specified deadline date
  • Students can access your job posting online within 24-48 hours upon our receipt of it
  • Applicants can submit their CVs directly to you by email, fax or mail, or contact you by telephone; alternatively, we can collect the CVs of interested candidates and send them to you directly
  • Students will view your listing and assess their suitability for the position; please note that CaPS does not pre-screen applications
  • Once the position has been filled or you have received a sufficient response, you can ask us to remove your listing from our job posting service

Why hire McGill students?

  • For an employer, finding the right employees to help you prosper in today's economy is the hallmark of a successful organization. Whether your organization is small, medium, or large, consider advertising your permanent, summer, part-time, and internship opportunities for students and recent graduates FREE with us at CaPS by using our “myFuture” jobs database.
  • Hundreds of McGill students each day check “myFuture” for job and internship postings. Be assured that our students are motivated to work hard; that they have good communication and interpersonal skills, and that they exhibit strong leadership qualities. They are a diverse and talented group of women and men and at least 30% are fluent in French and English. Many are multi-lingual.

Unpaid opportunities or opportunities requiring fees

CaPS does not post unpaid internships/opportunities unless the organization is not for profit. We may post unpaid internships for NGOs / NPOs, and these must be indicated as unpaid. Note that if your organization requires a fee for registration or participation, this must be indicated in the job description.

Upon approval, these opportunities will include the following statement:

A message from CaPS: CaPS does not guarantee that the university / your faculty will recognize this opportunity as an official internship. This is an unpaid or volunteer opportunity and/or requires a fee for participation. CaPS encourages students to evaluate the benefits of this type of opportunity for themselves, and to consult our office or Internships for more information.

Hiring McGill students for part-time and summer jobs

We encourage you to not only post your full-time jobs for graduating students but also your part-time and summer employment opportunities. At CaPS, we know that students are always on the lookout for part-time and summer employment to help finance themselves through university and to develop the skills employers are seeking.

Hiring McGill alumni with more than two years experience


While the McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) works primarily with current students and alumni up to two years after they graduate, all McGill alumni can have access for life to the “myFuture” jobs database. At the present time, though, not many use it. If you are looking to recruit McGill alumni who have more than two years of work experience, we would recommend the following options:

  • Post your opportunities on “myFuture”. But be aware that you may not get a strong response to your ad.

Several of the faculties at McGill have their own career centres and you can contact them about recruiting experienced alumni.

  • The Desautels Faculty of Management Career Centre can assist you should you be looking for McGill alumni with either a Bachelor of Commerce or an MBA degree with two or more years experience. For details on their services, contact them directly at 514-398-4664 or go to their website Employers
  • The Engineering Career Centre can assist you if you are looking for McGill alumni with engineering qualifications. Details are on their website at: Employers
  • The Career Development Office in the Faculty of Law can help if you are looking for McGill alumni with experience in law. Details are on their website at: Employers

Hiring international students

Hiring international students adds values to your organization. Students from abroad often bring with them a mastery of several languages, a global perspective and the cultural sensitivity that are a must in a multicultural job market. For more information, read Hiring international students - easier than you thought! (PDF). Details are also on the International Student Services website.

How to use myFuture - Employers

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