About myFuture

myFuture is a university wide job search and career tool suite used by McGill's Career Planning Service (CaPS), Engineering Career Centre, Law Career Development Office & Desautels Management Career Services.

It's an efficient way to search for:

  • full-time, part-time and summer jobs during your studies and after you graduate
  • McGill “in-program” internships
  • after-graduation internships

In addition to applying to jobs and internships, students may:

  • upload documents such as cover letters, CVs, transcripts, etc.
  • view employer profiles
  • register for events, workshops and information sessions
  • sign up for interviews
  • view announcements and alerts

The documents listed below will help you to use the myFutureSystem.

Student Guides

Student Brochure
[myfuture_student-brochure.pdf - PDF - 535.59 KB]
Student Brochure for myFuture - Quick guide on using the myFuture system 

Create a Resume
[Create_a_Resume_using_the_Resume_Builder.pdf - PDF - 419.13 KB]
Create a resume using the Resume Builder Module

Create a Cover Letter
[Create_a_Cover_Letter_using_the_Resume_Builder.pdf - PDF - 393.03 KB]
Creating a cover letter using the Resume Builder Module 

Creating Search Agents
[Creating_Search_Agents.pdf - PDF - 469.71 KB]
Shows how to create search agents in myFuture and receive automatic email notifications when jobs meeting your criteria are posted 

Uploading Documents
[Uploading_Documents.pdf - PDF - 447.08 KB]
This documents shows how you can upload your resume, cover letter, transcripts and other documents on myFuture in order to apply for a job

[TA_Application_Form_Upload.pdf - PDF - 450.44 KB]
How to uploading TA applications forms and search for TA positions on myFuture

Facebook integration
[Facebook_integration.pdf - PDF - 2.27 MB]
This document is a step by step guide on how to allow students establish a posting relationship from their myFuture account to their Facebook account.

Portfolio setup and availability
[portfolio_setup_and_availability.pdf - PDF - 2.06 MB]
This document is a guide on how a student can setup his/her own portfolio and make it available to employers.

OCR Brochure
[OCR_Brochure.pdf - PDF - 636.89 KB]
This document outlines how to participate in an On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) Campaign: From the application to interview sign up process

Employer Guides

Employer's Evaluation for Internships
[Employer_Evaluation_for_Internships.pdf - PDF - 195.99 KB]
Guide for employers for filling out the form for evaluating the student’s performance in their internship

Participating in an OCR Campaign (Interview Date TBD)
[Employer_ocr_brochure_no_interview_date.pdf - PDF - 592.06 KB]
How to post positions for graduating students and schedule interviews when the interview date is not known yet

Participating in an OCR Campaign (with an Interview Date)
[Employer_ocr_brochure-with_interview_date.pdf - PDF - 522.98 KB]
How to post positions for graduating students and schedule interviews with a fixed interview date

TAship Training for Admin
[TAship_training_for_admin.pdf - PDF - 753.35 KB]
How to register as an employer and post a TA position

Training_Documents_for_Staff [.zip]

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