Agent Booking Policy


  1. Effective August 1, 2023 the hourly rate for a security agent is $38.00. For services required between the hours of 22h00 and 06h00 the hourly rate is $39.80. The hourly rate for a security agent for non-McGill events is $47.70.  For services required between the hours of 22h00 and 06h00 the hourly rate is $50.00. These rates will be increased if the event or construction/renovation project requires the agents to work overtime or holidays. These rates will also be increased for specially certified agents example ASP (Health & Safety on construction site) agents or Construction Flagman agents (Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic Control).
  2. All new requests or requests to reschedule previously booked agents require a minimum notice of twelve (12) business hours. For weekend bookings or changes, notification must be received by 8h30 a.m. on Friday (Thursday during the summer). With respect to holiday bookings, notification must be received by 8h30 a.m. the working day prior. A minimum four (4) hour charge will apply to every agent request.

  3. Requests for security agent bookings that are not received within the prescribed deadlines will incur a penalty fee of $100 or may not be accepted. Cancellations received with less than twelve (12) business hours’ notice from the original start time of the request will incur a penalty fee of $100.

  4. All requests, cancellations and alterations must be sent via the McGill MarketPlace. Student Groups or Associations use the online form.

  5. With all requests, precise information is required as to the location as well as the start and end time of the shift. If the agent will be accompanying a contractor, the name and phone number of the on-site contact person together with a description of the work being done is also required. In all cases, directives for the security agent must be provided.

  6. Note that requests for security agents for events or construction/renovation work in McGill buildings or rooms cannot be accepted unless written authorization has been received from the Building Director. If a security agent must be hired at the last minute to accompany contractors, the contractors are required to wait outside the building until a security agent arrives. Security Services will not provide another agent in the interim to accompany the workers until the hired security agent arrives.

  7. Travel time surcharge. Please note that there is a 30 minute surcharge added to every request to account for travel time between our office and to and from the work site. A 60 minute surcharge applies to more distant locations off campus. The surcharge does not apply if the total billing is four (4) hours or less.

  8. A dedicated security agent is not necessarily required at all events, as long as the academic activities within the adjacent buildings are respected, and there are no conflicts with the safety codes related to entering/exiting of the buildings. For these types of events, organizers can still contact Security Services at 514-398-3000 if assistance is required. For large-capacity events or events serving alcohol, additional security agents may be needed at the organizer’s expense.  The amount of security coverage deemed necessary will be determined by the Special Events Administrator, based on factors including: number of participants, internal/external guests, venue, silent hours/regular hours etc.

  9. The top priority of security agents is ensuring that events happen safely and that regulations are followed. Tasks include but are not limited to: monitoring activities to maintain order, identifying and preventing potentially hazardous situations and responding to attendees who may require immediate assistance.

  10. Unless otherwise requested, uniformed personnel will be clearly identified as staff of McGill Security Services.


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