Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Procedure Icon Procedure Description
white icon of hand pressing button beside fire on red background

Trigger the manual pull station to activate the fire alarm if you discover a fire, smoke or a strong smell of burning.

white icon of fire extinguisher beside fire on red background If it is safe and you are trained to do so, use the correct extinguisher to put out the fire.
white icon of alarm on red background Close all doors behind you and evacuate the building at the sound of the alarm.
green icon of person walking out a doorway on white background Evacuate via the nearest emergency exit, use the stairs, and move forward in a swift, orderly fashion.
red circle with slash through it over elevator icon Do not use the elevators.
icon of person holding loudspeaker in a green square border Follow the instructions of the Evacuation Team, Fire Department, and McGill emergency responders. 
a 2 by 2 grid of various accessibility icons

If it is safe to do so, offer assistance to persons with disabilities, special needs, or immediate, temporary or longer term limitations.

Inform the Fire Department of people needing assistance once outside.

white icon of a group of people with arrows pointing at them on a green background

Go to your designated meeting point as directed by the Evacuation Team. Keep away from the building façades and keep the path clear for emergency vehicles.

white icon of telephone on red background

Call 911 and McGill Security Services:

Downtown Campus 514 – 398 – 3000

Macdonald Campus 514 – 398 – 7777

red circle with slash through it on top of icon of a person walking

Re-enter the premises only after it has been officially authorized by McGill University.



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