Governors Emeriti

The Statutes of McGill University provide as follows with respect to governors emeriti:

1.1.8 Following the completion of a governor’s term on the Board, the Board of Governors, on the recommendation of the Nominating, Governance and Ethics Committee, may appoint as governor emeritus/a, a governor who has served the University with exceptional distinction for a period of not less than six consecutive years on the Board. The Nominating, Governance and Ethics Committee, in making a recommendation for appointment to the rank of governor emeritus/a, shall consider the nature and scope of the governor's contributions to the University and his or her capacity to continue to do so in the future. The President, the Chair of the Board of Governors, and the Chancellor shall meet at least once each year with the governors emeriti. Governors emeriti shall normally be appointed by the Board for an unlimited term, to recognize, in perpetuity, exemplary support and long-standing dedication to the institution. Governors emeriti shall be entitled to receive all materials related to meetings of the Board of Governors. Governors emeriti, while not members of the Board, shall be eligible for appointment to the committees of the Board of Governors as well as to represent the Board on other bodies. When appointed to a committee of the Board of Governors, governors emeriti shall be full members of the committee, with both voice and vote, and their presence shall be considered in determining whether a quorum is present. Governors emeriti shall be entitled to participate as members of the platform party at all convocation and installation ceremonies.



(year first named as governor emeritus)
Current Governors Emeriti:  
BOYCHUK, Michael July 1, 2022
CEDRASCHI, Tullio Jan. 1, 2005
CLEGHORN, John Jan. 1, 2005
COBBETT, Stuart (and Chair Emeritus) July 1, 2017
CORBER, Marvin Jan. 1, 2002
COUGHLIN, Peter July 1, 2022
DAVIDSON, Margaret Jan. 1, 1995
DE GRANDPRÉ, Lili Jan. 1, 2014
EAKIN, Gael Jan. 1, 2004
FAZEL, Kathy July 1, 2018
FORTIER, Suzanne (and Principal Emerita) September 1, 2022
GIGUÈRE , Marie Jan. 1, 2007
GÉNÉREUX, Claude July 1, 2023
HALPERIN, Stephen July 1, 2023
KUSSNER, Sheila Jan. 1, 2002
LAU, Arthur C.F. Jan. 1, 2002
MALDOFF, Eric Jan. 1, 2011
MEIGHEN, Michael (and Chancellor Emeritus) Jan 1, 2011
MCDOUGALL, Sally Jan. 1, 2008
MINZBERG, Sam July 1, 2022
MUNROE-BLUM, Heather (and Principal Emerita) July 1, 2013
NORRIS, Brenda Jan. 1, 1996

PANDA, Ram (and Chair Emeritus)

July 1, 2024
PATERSON, Alex (former Chair of the Board of Governors) Jan. 1, 2006
PEETERS, Jan Jan. 1, 2010
POULIOT, Adrien Jan. 1, 2006
POUND, Richard (Chancellor Emeritus) July 1, 2009
RABINOVITCH, Robert (Chair Emeritus) Jan. 1, 2010
RICHARDS, Michael Jan 1, 2012
RIDDELL, Susan Jan. 1, 1997
SHAPIRO, Bernard (Principal Emeritus) June 1, 2003
SHEFF, Gerald Jan 1, 2011
SIMPSON, Warren Jan. 1, 2009
STAIRS, Harriet Jan. 1, 2005
TROTTIER, Lorne Jan. 1, 2005
TURCOTTE, Martine July 1, 2020
VANDAL, Thierry July 1, 2017
VENNAT, Manon Jan. 1, 2005
VERREAULT, Cynthia Price July 1, 2022

*McCall MacBain, John (Chancellor Emeritus - July 1, 2024)



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