Graduate Advisory Committee Members (GAC)

The GAC consists of at least seven faculty members of the Department and the Student Affairs Officer.  The GAC has three main roles:

  1. Evaluate applications for admission to the graduate programs.
  2. Monitor the progress of graduate students at program milestones – Junior and Senior Seminars, and in particular, the Thesis Proposal.
  3. Set policies on evaluation of graduate students and make recommendations on the graduate programs.

To ensure the flexibility required to address the needs of individual students, the GAC reserves the right to permit deviations from the Graduate Program Regulations & Guidelines in cases where sufficient reasons are given. Details on milestones are under Doctoral Program.


Joseé Dostie
Chair, Graduate Advisory Committee

David Thomas


Marc Fabian


Kalle Gehring


Sidong Huang


Lawrence Kazak


William Pastor


Jerry Pelletier


Selena Sagan


Peter Siegel


Michel Tremblay


Youla Tsantrizos


Ian Watson

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