Research Seminar 2

Research Seminar 2 (BIOC 703, Senior Seminar)


Approximately six months prior to submission of the Ph.D. thesis and before the thesis is written, a student is required to present the “Research Seminar 2” which constitutes a full hour formal presentation plus a discussion period as part of the Biochemistry Seminar Series (Academic). The Senior Seminar should present the complete, or close to complete, body of the research that will constitute the thesis, to a Department-wide audience.

Prior to the scheduling of the Senior Seminar, the student must get the written approval of their Research Advisory Committee (RAC). The RAC form must be completed and include an explicit statement of approval to present the Senior Seminar, signed by all members and submitted to the Student Affairs Officer, before scheduling will be allowed.

A minimum of three weeks before their Senior Seminar, students are required to submit to the Student Affairs Officer an outline of their planned thesis in point form, not to exceed one single-spaced page, including:

  1. A title;
  2. The major chapter divisions with central findings and major original contributions to knowledge in their field of research; and
  3. A summary of the status of any published or submitted articles resulting from the research project.

This outline will be distributed to all Faculty members two weeks prior to the seminar. This outline is intended to serve as the basis for a discussion between the student and all faculty members immediately following the presentation of Research Seminar 2. The Chairman of the GAC will chair this discussion and, in consultation with the academic staff, will prepare a summary of points raised in the discussion regarding strengths and weaknesses of the thesis work, including an evaluation of the overall suitability of the work as a basis for preparation of an acceptable Ph.D. thesis. This report will be sent to the student with a copy to the research director. An unexpurgated copy of the report will be placed in the student's file and will be available to the Ph.D. thesis evaluation committee.

Following satisfactory completion of the Research Seminar 2, the student prepares the thesis for formal submission to the Graduate and Post-doctoral Studies Office. If it is the opinion of the GAC that the work described in the Research Seminar does not constitute an adequate basis for a Ph.D. thesis, the student will be so advised and will be requested to make use of the continuing direction of the Research Advisory Committee to oversee further work before the actual thesis writing begins. The student may also be asked to present to the GAC again, within six months. After a second unsatisfactory evaluation, the student will not be allowed to progress in the Ph.D. program, but will have to finish a M.Sc. instead, or to withdraw from the program.


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