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Graduate Program, Department of Biochemistry 

Our mandate is to conduct outstanding research while maintaining exceptional training of graduate students. The Department of Biochemistry offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs which emphasize laboratory research, in a wide variety of areas. The graduate programs are overseen by the Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) and the Graduate Program Director.

The organization of our graduate program is under Regulations & Guidelines.

For an overview of progress through our programs, see the Timeline Chart.

Starting in September 2019, all graduate students must fill out and submit the new Letter of Understanding. See also Welcome to New Students.

All students receive a stipend paid from the supervisor’s grant and/or student scholarships. Departmental Tuition Assistance compensates Canadian M.Sc. students from outside Quebec for the difference in tuition fees, and assists international graduate students. See also Funding Opportunities.

Research Expectations and Environment

The student and supervisor should agree on the objectives and expectations of the research project, and other aspects of the research environment. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Operational expectations: Working hours, and necessity of work outside regular hours; group meetings; general lab duties; record keeping; assistance from and to other personnel/students; policies on authorship of publications, within the norms of the discipline and University policies on research ethics and intellectual property.
  • Supervisory Responsibilities*: Frequency of student-supervisor meetings; training role of the supervisor, including time-frame for review of the student’s written work, extent of involvement with preparations for committee meetings and comprehensive examinations, and of grant/scholarship applications, manuscripts and theses; role of the co-supervisor (if any).
  • *A supervisor may not terminate supervision or payment of any stipend without just cause, documented due process, reasonable notice, and approval of the GPD, GAC or Chair.
  • Student Responsibilities: Limits to work* and activities off-hours; policies on TA positions; academic, technical or language training required; expected attendance at journal clubs, workshops and seminars, aside from official requirements of the Biochemistry Graduate Program.
  • * In order to maintain full-time status, a graduate student should not work more than 180 hours per term over 15 weeks with 12 hours per week.
  • Other Comments: Any other points important to the supervisor or student.
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