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Student giving a talk during the 2002 BUGS MBSU Symposium

Our Seminar Series

All graduate students are required to attend all seminars in the unified series hosted by the Department, the Goodman Cancer Research Centre and the Complex Traits Group, including Junior and Senior Seminars. A minimum attendance at 70% of seminars yearly is required to pass course BIOC 696, receive fellowships and any letters of recommendation from the Department.

The attendance formula for seminars is:

  • 70% of Biochemistry Academic Seminars (Juniors and Seniors)
  • 70% of Biochemistry Research Seminars (visiting speakers)
  • plus 10 from any in the Unified Series (adding to around 70% of all research seminars)

Attendance is recorded by signed attendance sheets. If you are unable to attend a seminar for urgent personal reasons, academic commitments (courses or exams), Teaching Assistantships (TAs), research-related travel, or leave of absence, notify the SAO in advance.

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