Feindel Brain Imaging Lecture Series

These lectures are named in honour of Dr. William Feindel (1918–2014), Former Director of the Neuro (1972–1984) and Founding Director of the BIC (1984–1988).

Dr. Feindel’s presence and contribution will be greatly missed at our weekly Brain Imaging Lectures, where he almost always asked the final, most-germane question of the day: one that usually bridged the clinical and research realms, and that brought together the past, the present, and the future of brain science.
Unless specified otherwise, lectures are held on Mondays at 1:00 pm in the de Grandpré Communications Centre of the Montreal Neurological Institute. To be notified about these lectures and all the other events going on at the BIC, please join the BIC-Announcements Mailing List.

Current Program:

Winter 2020

Mon - Jan 13: Avgis Hadjipapas {Gamma oscillations in the visual cortex: a window on functional brain circuitry}

***SPECIAL TIME*** Thurs- Jan 23: Todd Woodward {Task-state functional brain networks detectable with fMRI: Not just a pretty picture}

Mon - Jan 27: No lecture

Mon - Feb 3: Budhachandra Khundrakpam {Toward better characterization of normal and abnormal brain development}

Mon - Feb 10: Michalis Kassinopoulos {Physiological noise and motion-related artifacts in resting-state fMRI and how to tackle them}

Mon - Feb 17: Emily Coffey {Neural oscillations and brain-sound interactions across sleep states}

Mon - Feb 24: Simon Ducharme {Update on neuroimaging studies in frontotemporal dementia}

Mon - Mar 9: Ian Tagge {The shutter-speed paradigm: not your father’s DCE-MRI}

Kindly note: all "in-person" lectures from March 13 have been cancelled and replaced with 'virtual" lectures.

This series is a fusion of the BIC and Cognition & Circuits lecture series.

(Registration is required)

Mon - Apr 13: Easter - no lecture

Wednesday, April 15th 16h00 Sarah Lariviere {Multiscale connectomics of temporal lobe epilepsy}

Wednesday, April 22nd 16h00 Sheida Rabipour {Impact of genetic Alzheimer’s risk on episodic memory function in healthy older adults} To register:

Wednesday, April 29th 16h00 Clara Moreau {Mapping neuropsychiatric mutation effects on functional brain connectivity to delineate dimensions contributing to autism and schizophrenia} To register

Wednesday, May 6th 16h00 Shella Keiholz {Is functional connectivity dominated by neuromodulation} To register

Wednesday, May 13th 16h00 Jessica Payne {Sleep and Stress Interact to Promote Emotional Memory Consolidation} To register

Wednesday, May 20th 16h00 Ana Daugherty {Brain Iron as a Biomarker of Impending Cognitive Decline} To register

Wednesday, June 3rd 16h00 Dr. Thomas Funck {Towards an ultra-high resolution 3D neurotransmitter receptor atlas} To register

Wednesday, June 10  postponed until August 12  to 16h00 Jesse Brown {Forecasting spreading brain atrophy in frontotemporal dementia: Connectomic and latent space approaches} To register

Wednesday, June 17 16:00 Maged Goubran {Integration and analysis of connectomic data from microscopy to MRI} To register

Wednesday, July 8 16:00 Bo-yong Park {Structural connectome manifolds in typical and atypical development} To register

Previous Programs:

Fall 2019

  1. Thurs-Sept-05: Albert Gjedde [The moving brain: On stress, prediction, consciousness, and alpha7 nicotinic receptors]
  2. Mon-Sept-9: Jamie Near [In vivo MRS: a window into altered neurochemistry and brain metabolism in Alzheimer's Disease]
  3. Mon-Sept-16: Dang Nguyen [Epilepsy and functional anatomy of the human insula: insights from neuroimaging]
  4. Mon-Sept-23: Xindi Wang [Multi-slice U-Net Model for Brain Extraction: Training in Humans and Transferring to Multi-site Non-human Primates]
  5. Mon-Oct-07: Nathan Spreng [Human cortical parcellation: Challenges and solutions for individual variation in functional neuroanatomy]
  6. Mon-Oct-21***Special time: 10:00 am***: Irina Esterlis [The metabotropic glutamatergic receptor 5: what is its role in psychiatry?]
  7. Mon-Oct-28: Xiaoqian Chai [Dynamic interaction between functional brain networks and cognitive development]
  8. Mon-Nov-04: Valeria Kebets [Identifying transdiagnostic patterns of neural dysfunction]
  9. Mon-Nov-11: Reinder Vos de Wael [Connectome Gradients: Studying the Brain as a Continuum]
  10. Mon-Nov-25: Matteo Mancini [Myelin Maps: why you should stop buying fat-free brains]
  11. Mon-Dec-2: Yu Zhang [Modeling Brain Dynamics of Human Cognition Using Graphs]
  12. Mon-Dec-9: Isabel Garcia [Neuroanatomical correlates of obesity and food addiction]

Spring 2019

  1. Mon-Mar-25 Guillaume Lajoie
  2. Mon-Apr-01 Casey Paquola [Towards a multi-scale model of the human cortex]
  3. Mon-Apr-08 Valentina Borghesani
  4. Mon-Apr-15 Sarah Lippé [Modulators of brain signals in neurodevelopment]
  5. Mon-Apr-29 Uku Vainik

Winter 2019

  1. Mon-Jan-21Tao Wu
  2. Mon-Jan-28 Jake Vogel
  3. Mon-Feb-04 Philip Spechler
  4. Mon-Feb-11 Christopher Rowley
  5. Mon-Feb-25 Sylvain Baillet
  6. Mon-Mar-11 Erin Dickie
  7. Mon-Mar-18 Carolina Makowski

Fall 2018

  1. Mon-Oct-01: Jean Chen [Mapping brain connectivity in aging: Some potential caveats?]
  2. Tue-Oct-02, in JTA: Pablo Rusjan [Kinetic modeling of the monoamine oxidase B radioligand [11C]SL25.1188 in human brain with high resolution positron emission tomography]
  3.  Mon-Oct-08: No Lecture (Thanksgiving Day)
  4. Mon-Oct-15: Mahsa Daddar [Detection and assessment of white matter hyperintensities in aging and neurodegenerative disease population]
  5. Mon-Oct-22: Veronique Bohbot [Modulating growth and shrinkage of the human hippocampus]
  6. Mon-Oct-29: Sebastien Jacquemont [Linking the genome to cognitive, behavioural, and neuroimaging traits]
  7. Mon-Nov-05: No Lecture [Society for Neuroscience 2018]
  8. Mon-Nov-12: Georgios Mitsis [Modeling of regional cerebral hemodynamics and time-varying functional connectivity using signals/systems theory]
  9. Mon-Nov-19: Randy McIntosh [Bridging scales of network dynamics with The Virtual Brain]
  10. Mon-Nov-26: Alex Thiel [Imaging and modulating brain connectivity: a new perspective for stroke rehabilitation?]
  11. Mon-Dec-03: BIC Jeopardy!
  12. Mon-Dec-10: No Lecture [BIC Retreat]
  13. Mon-Dec-17: TBA [TBA]

Spring 2018

  1. Mon-Apr-02: No Lecture (Easter Monday)
  2. Mon-Apr-09 in JTA:Yashar Zeighami[Parkinson's Disease: A Network Perspective]
  3. Mon-Apr-16:Nikhil Bhagwat[Prognostic applications for Alzheimer's disease using MR imaging and machine-learning]
  4. Mon-Apr-23:AmanPreet Badhwar[Towards Reducing the Heterogeneity of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Multiomics Biomarkers]
  5. Mon-Apr-30: No Lecture
  6. Mon-May-07:Lorenzo Caciagli[Functional and Structural MRI in Epilepsy: Disease Progression, Cognitive Dysfunction, and Intermediate Phenotypes]
  7. Mon-May-21: No Lecture
  8. Mon-May-21: No Lecture
  9. Mon-May-28:Amir Amedi[How Experience Shapes Brain Specializations]
  10. Mon-Jun-04:Marco Leyton[Neuroimaging Pathways to Addiction]
  11. Mon-Jun-11:Jorge Armony[The Role of Context and Modality in Emotional Information Processing]
  12. Tue-Jun-12:Peter De Weerd[How 17th-Century Physics Enlightens Today’s Gamma-Synchronization Debate]
  13. Mon-Jun-18:Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche[Meditation and Going Beyond Mindfulness: A Secular Perspective]

Winter 2017

  1. Mon-Jan-29: Ahmad Seif Kanaan [Deconstructing Tourette Syndrome Pathophysiology via Multimodal Approaches at Multiple Scales]
  2. Mon-Feb-05 in JTAGreg Kiar [A Data Driven Approach to Tackling Big Data Connectomics; slides]
  3. Mon-Feb-12 in JTAElizabeth Du Pre [Lifespan Approaches to Network Neuroscience: Support From a Study of Structural Covariance]
  4. Mon-Feb-19: No Lecture
  5. Mon-Feb-26: Andrew Doyle [Introduction to Deep Learning for Neuroimaging; slides]
  6. Mon-Mar-05: No Lecture (Study Break Mar 5-9)
  7. Mon-Mar-12: No Lecture
  8. Mon-Mar-19: No Lecture
  9. Mon-Mar-26: Kevin Whittingstall [Neurovascular Coupling in the Human Brain]

Fall 2017

  1. Mon-Sep-18: Tal Yarkoni  [Generalisability in fMRI: fast and slow]
  2. Mon-Sep-25: Signy Sheldon [The Dynamic Nature of Memory Retrieval: Insights from the Hippocampus]
  3. Mon-Oct-02: Reza Farivar-Mohseni [Object Recognition: A Hierarchy of Edge Processing or a House of Cards?”]
  4. Mon-Oct-09: No Lecture (Thanksgiving Day) 
  5. Mon-Oct-16: No Lecture (Cancelled)
  6. Mon-Oct-23: No Lecture (Renovations)
  7. Mon-Oct-30: No Lecture (Renovations)
  8. Mon-Nov-06: Christophe Grova [Multimodal Analysis of Functional Connector Hubs]
  9. Mon-Nov-13: Erin Dickie [Personalized Connectomics for the Study of Brain Health and Decease]
  10. Mon-Nov-20: Habib Benali [Combining Neuroimaging and Mathematical Modeling of the Kinetics and Spreading of Tau Aggregates in the Human Brain]
  11. Mon-Nov-27: Pierre Orban [Heterogeneity of Functional Brain Dysconnectivity in Schizophrenia]
  12. Mon-Dec-04: No Lecture (Cancelled)
  13. Mon-Dec-11: Linda Booij [Early Environmental Influences on the Serotonin System and the Developing Brain in Humans: Epigenetic Mechanisms]
  14. Wed-Dec-13: Robert Brown [Deep Learning and MRI: Identifying Possible Novel Markers of Progression in MS]
  15. Mon-Dec-18: Taylor Schmitz [Cholinergic Degeneration in Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease: The Selective Neuronal Vulnerability Hypothesis]
  16. Mon-Dec-18 at 3pm: Julien Doyon [McConnell Brain Imaging Centre: Past, Present, and Future; to be followed by the BIC Holiday Celebration]

Spring 2017

  1. Mon-Apr-03: No Lecture
  2. Mon-Apr-10: No Lecture
  3. Tue-Apr-18 (at 1:30 pm)Rick Hoge [3-T Scanner Update] link to video
  4. Mon-Apr-24: Dimitrios Pantazis [Multivariate Pattern Classification of MEG Signals Reveals the Spatiotemporal and Representational Dynamics of the Ventral Visual Pathway]  
  5. Wed-Apr-26: Sophie Adler [Surface-Based Structural MRI for Lesion Detection and Extra-Lesional Pathology in Epilepsy]  
  6. Mon-May-01 (at 12:45 pm)Etienne Vachon-Presseau [Brain Properties Predisposing to Chronic Pain]
  7. Tue-May-02 (at noon)Ted Strauss [Introducing the BIC's New Platform for Data Hosting and Collaboration]
  8. Mon-May-08: Sebastien Tremblay [What Can the Neuroimaging Community Learn from Monkey Research, and Vice Versa]
  9. Mon-May-15: Pedro Rosa-Neto [Imaging Brain Amyloid and Tau Pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias]
  10. Tue-May-23:  Matthias Kirschner [Self-Regulation of the Reward System Via Real-Time fMRI Neurofeedback in Addiction and Schizophrenia]
  11. Mon-May-29: BIC Travel Awards Competition
  12. Wed-May-31: Sylvia Villeneuve [Multimodal Neuroimaging of Alzheimer’s Disease]
  13. Mon-Jun-05: CANCELLED  [Simon Ducharme "Neuroimaging in Frontotemporal Dementia: Current and Future Directions"]
  14. Mon-Jun-12: Johannes Frasnelli [Effects of Olfactory Training on Measures of Functional and Structural Brain Imaging]
  15. Mon-Jun-19: Neil Vasdev [New PET Radiopharmaceuticals and Targets for Imaging Neurodegenerative Diseases]
  16. Mon-Jun-26: No Lecture (OHBM-2017: Jun-25 - Jun-29)

Winter 2017

  1. Mon-Jan-09: Nikola Stikov [Let's Talk About MRI Communication]  link to slides
  2. Mon-Jan-16: Mallar Chakravarty [Translational Neuropsychiatric Research using Computational Neuroanatomy]
  3. Mon-Jan-23: Julie Gonneaud [What Can We Learn From Asymptomatic Individuals in the Context of AD? Neuroimaging Studies of Risk Factors and Normal Aging Processes]
  4. Mon-Jan-30: Stefanie Blain-Moraes [Neural Correlates of Anesthesia-Induced Unconsciousness]
  5. Mon-Feb-06: No Lecture
  6. Mon-Feb-13: Estrid Jakobsen  [Individual-Level Parcellation of Broca's Region  Based on Restin-State Functional Connectivity]
  7. Mon-Feb-20: AmanPreet Badhwar [Resting-State Networks in Alzheimer's Disease: A Meta-Analysis]
  8. Mon-Feb-27: No Lecture (Study Break)
  9. Mon-Mar-06 (in JTA): Konrad Wagstyl [BigBrain: Automated Analysis of Laminar Structure in the Cerebral Cortex]
  10. Mon-Mar-13 (in JTA): Jennifer Campbell [Imaging Microstructure In Heterogeneous White Matter]
  11. Mon-Mar-20: No Lecture
  12. Mon-Mar-27: Jamie Near [Dynamic Measures of Neurochemistry and Metabolism Using In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy]

Fall 2016

  1. Mon-Sep-19Sylvain Baillet [BIC General Assembly]
  2. Mon-Sep-26Yasser Iturria-Medina [Towards a Multifactorial Characterization of Neurodegeneration]
  3. Mon-Oct-03Michael Petrides and Konrad Wagstyl[Commentary on the Glasser - Van Essen Human Connectome Atlas] link to paper
  4. Mon-Oct-10: No Lecture (Thanksgiving Day)
  5. Mon-Oct-17 at 4:00 pm in JTAPierre Bellec [The Neuroimaging Analysis Kit: Recent Developments and Challenges for the Standardization of fMRI Processing] link to slides
  6. Mon-Oct-24Seok Jun Hong [Neuroimaging of Cortical Malformation] link to slides
  7. Mon-Oct-31Claudine Gauthier [Quantitative MRI of Cerebrovascular and Metabolic Health] link to slides
  8. Mon-Nov-07Bratislav Misic [Multivariate Statistical Analyses for MEG Data] link to slides
  9. Mon-Nov-14Therese Lennert [Coupled Oscillations Enable Rapid Calibration to Audiovisual Asynchrony]
  10. Mon-Nov-21Krista L. Hyde [Auditory Processing in Special Populations: Insights From Music, Dance, and Autism]
  11. Mon-Nov-28Mathieu Roy [Cerebral Mechanisms of Pain Avoidance Learning]
  1. Mon-Dec-05Selin Neseliler [Brain Correlates of Appetite Control: Implications for Obesity]
  2. Mon-Dec-12 at 12:45pmChris Steele [Systems-Level Structural Anatomy of the Human Cerebellum: White-Matter Connectivity and Grey-Matter Volume]
  3. Mon-Dec-19Karim Jerbi [A Tale of Christmas Trees and Neuronal Forests: Exploring Functional Brain Networks Through Connectivity and Machine Learning]

Spring 2016

  1. Mon-Apr-04Matt Kinsella [Probing Multiple Scales of Physiology Using Nanomaterials]
  2. Mon-Apr-11Kaleem Siddiqi [Streamline Flows and Minimal Surfaces, Part 1: Fiber Geometry in the Heart]
  3. Thu-Apr-14 at 14:00Kaleem Siddiqi [Streamline Flows and Minimal Surfaces, Part 2: Mathematics and  Tractography in the Brain]
  4. Mon-Apr-18David Rudko [Ultra-High Field MRI: Methodological Considerations and Applications]
  5. Mon-Apr-25Carolina Makowski [Neural Underpinnings of Psychosis: At the Intersection of Structure, Function, and Symptoms]
  6. Mon-May-02: No Lecture (GRSNC Symposium)
  7. Mon-May-09: No Lecture (ISMRM Meeting)
  8. Mon-May-16Samir Das [Overview of Major Neuroimaging Data Sharing Initiatives] link to slides
  9. Tue-May-17Pedro A. Valdes-Sosa [Multimodal quantitative neuroimaging databases and methods: the Cuban Human Brain Mapping Project]
  10. Tue-May-24BIC Travel Awards Competition
  11. Mon-May-30Peter Herscovitch [Contributions of PET to Basic and Clinical Neuroscience]
  12. Mon-Jun-06:  Tim David  [In Silico Models of Neurovascular Coupling]
  13. Mon-Jun-13: No Lecture
  14. Mon-Jun-20Amir Shmuel  [Mechanisms of fMRI-Based Decoding of Information Conveyed by Cortical Columns]
  15. Mon-Jun-27: No Lecture (OHBM Meeting)

Winter 2016

  1. Mon-Jan-11: Gleb Bezgin  [Multimodal Brain-Connectivity-Analyses: From Sensory Processing to Clinical Cases]
  2. Wed-Jan-20, 13:30 - 15:30David Faul [Simultaneous PET/MR Imaging for Brain, Cardiac, and Cancer Research]
  3. Mon-Jan-25: No Lecture
  4. Mon-Feb-01Patricia Conrod [ENIGMA-Addiction: Meta and Mega Data-Pooling Strategies for Analysing Addiction Neuroimaging Datasets]
  5. Mon-Feb-08: Marta Kersten [Augmented Reality in Image-Guided Surgery] 
  6. Mon-Feb-15Dieter Heiss  [Hybrid PET/MR Imaging in Neurology: Present Applications and Prospects for the Future]
  7. Tue-Feb-23 at 13:30Shirin Abbasi Nejad Enger [High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy]
  8. Fri-Mar-04 at 13:30Charles Guttmann [Brain-Imaging Predictions of Outcome in Neurological Conditions]
  9. Mon-Mar-07: Christian Janicki [Radioactivity and Radiation Safety]
  10. Wed-Mar-09, 14:00 - 15:00: Adrian Thorogood [Embracing Open Science: Best Practices for Responsible Data Sharing]
  11. Mon-Mar-14: Sophie Scott [The links between speech perception and production]
  12. Mon-Mar-21: Benjamin Morillon [Motor Origin of Temporal predictions in Auditory Attention]
  13. Wed-Mar-30: Dean Jolly [Zen and the Art of Cyclotrons]
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