Research Fund Guidelines & Top-Up Policy

An important privilege of the Distinguished James McGill Professor, James McGill Professor, and William Dawson Scholar awards is the allocation of an annual stipend to support research. This annual stipend should be fully deployed within the relevant fiscal year (FY). It is incumbent on the award holder to monitor the balance of this research fund and make every effort to spend down, on eligible expenses and disbursements, any balance before the end of each fiscal year.

Funds unspent by the end of the fiscal year may not be carried forward save for exceptional circumstances and will require detailed justification before approval.

In the final year of the award, the award holder will have until the following 31 December to spend the balance. Further information is available under Administration Guidelines

Research Fund Guidelines For McGill Internal Awards

We are advised by Internal Audit to retain each award holder’s signed copy of the Research Fund Guidelines associated with the Distinguished James McGill Professor, James McGill Professor and William Dawson Scholar awards. Please review, sign and return the guidelines below to avoid any delay in the distribution of the research allocation associated with your award. 

  1. The amount and duration of the award are specified in the letter of notification of the award.


  1. The research fund associated with the award is to be used exclusively for purposes of research and scholarship. It is not a supplement to the award holder’s income.


  1. The use of the research fund is subject to all applicable University policies and regulations on research, especially those related to ethics and conflict of interest.


  1. The funding of teaching release time is not an eligible expenditure for award holders who are on leave, regardless of the type of leave.


  1. Travel expenses and personal expense reimbursements for the award holder must adhere to the University’s Reimbursement of Travel and Other Expenses Policy, and must be approved by the award holder’s Department Chair/Director.


  1. All software, books, equipment, or other property acquired by the award holder with funds from this award are the property of the University. The award holder is expected to make such acquisitions available to their Department or Faculty insofar as this is compatible with the award holder’s research program.


  1. Office furniture, cellular phones, cellular plan, home internet costs are not eligible expenditures.


  1. The Office of the Provost and Executive Vice-President (Academic) monitors expenditures quarterly. If any of the above mentioned ineligible expenses are charged to an internal award holder’s research fund, the award holder will be asked to either provide another fund for these charges or reimburse the University.


  1. The awards follow the CRC Program’s Chair Administration Guide and the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide


A copy of the Research Fund Guidelines & Top-Up Policy is available to download. Signed copies should be returned to anne-marie.durocher [at]

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