Administration Guidelines

Managing CRC and Internal Award positions in Workday


  1. The department initiates the Add Job business process in Workday.

Research Fund Guidelines

The research fund associated with the award is to be used exclusively for purposes of research and scholarship. It is not a supplement to the award holder's income. The use of the research fund is subject to all applicable University policies and regulations on research.

  • Travel expenses and personal expense reimbursements for the award holder must be approved by the award holder's Department Chair or Dean, as applicable, and must adhere to University policy.
  • All software, books, equipment, or other property acquired by the award holder with funds from this award are the property of the University. The award holder is expected to make such acquisitions known to their Department, School, or Faculty insofar as this is compatible with the award holder’s own research program.
  • Administrative and office equipment, including cellular phones, tablets, and furniture are not eligible research fund expenditures without adequate justification and approval by the Associate Provost (Equity and Academic Policies)
  • The award holder agrees to adhere to the Chairs Administration Guide and the Tri Agency Financial Administrative Guides.

End of Fiscal Year Balances and Top-Up Policy

Award holders are expected to deplete their research allowance each fiscal year. In exceptional circumstances, an award holder will be permitted to carry forward unspent funding with permission from the Associate Provost (Equity and Academic Priorities). Requests must be emailed to anne-marie.durocher [at] before March 15th in a given year and must include a detailed explanation as to why the funds were not used, as well as a spending plan for the unused funds in the next fiscal year.

In all other instances, an award holder who does not deplete their research fund will be topped-up with a research allocation, which takes into account the unspent amount as follows.

For example:

Annual Research Allocation

Amount Spent in FY

Balance at FY End

Top-up Amount

Balance at New FY Start

Carry-Forward of Unspent Amounts









Award holders taking leave from the University should refer to the below table in order to make appropriate arrangements. Leaves from the University must be taken in accordance with the relevant University policies.

Leave Type Action
Sabbatic leave No change to terms of the award.
Maternity/parental leave OR Disability leave

Award holder may request an extension to the current award term in time only. The original amount of the award funding will remain unchanged.

Salary stipend may be suspended for the duration of the leave, based on the type of leave. Payment of the salary stipend resumes upon return from leave for the period necessary to disburse the expected value of the salary stipend documented in the award letter (i.e. if a WDS receives $10,000 per year for 5 years as salary stipend, they will receive a total of $50,000 by the end of the term of their award).

Research stipend continues to be disbursed annually for the first term of the award (5 years for WDS; 7 years for JMP). Research funds may be used for commitments made prior to the leave (i.e. student salary) during the leave. Funds may not be used for research activities undertaken by the award holder during the period of the leave (i.e. attending conferences etc.).

Any residual research funds following the period of leave may be carried forward for use during the extension of the term of the award, with the approval of the Associate Provost (Equity and Academic Policies).

Leave of absence In general, during unpaid leaves of absence from the University the award holder may only keep the award title and none of the related funds. These leaves do not lead to an extension of the award, nor can the funds be accumulated during the period of the leave. Please contact crc.provost [at] if you have questions.

Phase-out Period

William Dawson Scholars and James McGill Professors must deplete any remaining balance in their research fund by 31 December in the last year of their award.

James McGill Professors who are immediately awarded Distinguished James McGill Professors will have until 31 December in the last year of their James McGill Professor award to process expenses or commitments incurred ­before the end of their award. An unspent JMP balance will not carry forward to the DJMP.

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