The Distinguished James McGill Professor award recognizes a late-career scholar's sustained scholarship of world-class caliber and international leadership. Nominees for these awards include current James McGill Professors who have held the award for two seven-year terms and have maintained an outstanding research record, and CRC Tier 1 Chairholders who have completed two seven-year terms. The award will continue until retirement. Upon retirement, Distinguished James McGill Professors who are granted Emeritus status will be allowed to carry the title Emeritus Distinguished James McGill Professor.

The James McGill Professor award recognizes a senior scholar’s status as an outstanding and original researcher of world-class caliber and an international leader in his or her field. James McGill Professors must be tenured full professors. Their award will be held for a seven-year term, and is renewable once upon performance review.

The William Dawson Scholar award recognizes an emerging scholar developing into an outstanding and original researcher of world-class caliber who is poised to become a leader in his or her field. William Dawson Scholars must be nominated as tenure-track assistant or associate professors. They hold the award for a five-year term. The award is renewable once, upon performance review. An associate professor who is promoted to full professor during their first term as a William Dawson Scholar is eligible for renewal.

An award holder is not automatically promoted from a William Dawson Scholar to a James McGill Professor, or from a James McGill Professor to a Distinguished James McGill Professor. Each nomination process is distinct and previous award holders are subject to the same internal review as other candidates for that award. Award holders must remain full-time for the duration of their term.

Internal award holders may not concurrently hold a Canada Research Chair.

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