Forms and Information for Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)

This section contains forms and information that we hope will be useful for our students. Some of the information and forms are general and apply to all students while others are specific to undergraduate or graduate students.

Undergraduate Students

  • Click here for information on Tuition fees

  • Click here for Undergraduate Medical/Dental/Eye forms

Graduate Students

Forms for current Graduate Students are listed below. For information on becoming a graduate student (as well as the associated forms), please visit here.

  • Graduate-student Medical forms

  • Graduate-student Dental forms

  • Click here for information on Tuition fees

Graduate Student Milestones

Thesis Submission

There are several important forms related to a thesis submission (Nomination of Examiners; McGill Library Waiver; UMI Form; and Submission Checklist). Since the overall guidelines change from time to time, you should always consult the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website for the current procedures and form.

All Students

  • Student Registration and Records - click here
  • including all the important university dates
  • MINERVA (Administration / Class schedules) - click here
  • Student Societies and Activities - click here
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