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Is your goal to work with animals?

McGill University offers a great path to Veterinary School and other animal health-related areas!

Note: McGill University does not teach Veterinary Medicine, nor can it guarantee admission to any such program.

Through the Bachelor of Science (Ag.Env.Sc.), Life Sciences (Biological and Agricultural) Major and particularly the Animal Health & Disease Specialization, students receive the grounding in animal physiology and health to prepare them for future studies in Veterinary Medicine and other animal health-related fields.

This program is delivered at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University which is located on the western tip of the Island of Montreal. The research-driven Macdonald Campus Farm consisting of state-of-the-art dairy, poultry and large animal research facilities right on the campus allows students the opportunity, through their classes and also through internships, to interact directly with large farm animals. Labs, internships and research projects allow students to explore animal health-related areas of interest.

The program includes courses designed to prepare students for careers in animal-related fields. These courses include:

Basic science

Animal physiology

Animal Health and disease


LSCI 204 Genetics (required)

ANSC 250 Principles of Animal Science (optional)

LSCI 230 Introductory Microbiology (required)

AEHM 205 Science Literacy (required)

LSCI 211 Biochemistry 1 (required)

ANSC 251 Comparative Anatomy (optional)

ANSC 312 Animal Health and Disease (required)

ANSC 350 Food-Borne Pathogens (required)

LSCI 234 Biochemistry 2 (optional)

ANSC 323 Mammalian Physiology (required)

MICR 341 Mechanisms of Pathogenicity (required)

ANSC 303 Farm Livestock Internship (optional)

LSCI 202 Molecular Cell Biology (required)

ANSC 324 Developmental Biology and Reproduction (optional)

PARA 438 Immunology (required)

ANSC 420 Animal Biotechnology (optional)


ANSC 424 Metabolic Endocrinology (required)

PARA 424 Fundamental Parasitology (required)

ANSC 555 The Use and Welfare of Animals (optional)


ANSC 433 Animal Nutrition and Metabolism (optional)

ANSC 400 Eukaryotic Cells and Viruses (required)

Plus a range of other courses, including Internships and Research Projects to allow students to explore related interests

McGill University has established pathways for students in the Life Sciences (Biological and Agricultural) Major, and the Animal Health and Disease Specialization, with Schools of Veterinary Medicine. Continue reading for more information:

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