Undergraduate Studies in Animal Science

There are excellent programs available for those students interested in the study of animal science at the undergraduate level. Whether students are interested in the improvement of livestock production from the point of view of nutrition, breeding and reproduction, or the study of animals in a health context, or even the biotechnology aspects that provide a basis for further laboratory research and an opening to animal models and their impact on human health and disease, there is a specialization that will appeal to those needs.

The Department of Animal Science plays a crucial role in the offering of four important specializations (Animal Biology; Animal Health and Disease; Animal Production; and International Agriculture).  Please see the Faculty listing of specializations for more details.

Each of these specializations must be taken within the context of a Major, depending on the orientation of a student towards animal production management (Major in Agro-Environmental Sciences), animal biotechnology or further studies in animal health (Major in Life Sciences), or international studies (Major in Global Food Security).

Students with an interest in animals, and wishing to become a professional agrologist (a member of l'Ordre des agronomomes du Québec), should register in the Agro-Environmental Sciences Major and take the specialization in Animal Production (as well as the obligatory specialization in Professional Agrology).

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