Funding and Support

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences has a Harmonized Funding Policy to ensure that every graduate student in the Faculty will be paid adequately. The minimum funding package for the 2023-2024 academic year for MSc and PhD students is $21,183 Base Living Allowance + Tuition and Student Fees.

To be eligible to receive financial support, a student must be registered full-time and active in their program. Master's students are guaranteed funding until the end of MSc2; Doctoral students are guaranteed funding until the end of PhD5.

A student’s funding may come from a combination of sources including, but not limited to, the supervisor’s research funds (i.e. a stipend), Tuition Assistance Fellowships (TAF), Differential Fee Waivers (DFW), and scholarships (i.e. NSERC, FRSQ, etc.) awarded to the student.

Travel and presentation awards do not contribute to the minimum funding package, nor do earnings from Teaching Assistant (TA) positions.

Students are strongly encouraged to make every effort to secure their own funding from studentships or fellowships administered by the University (internal fellowships) or by provincial, federal or international agencies (external fellowships). The department does not accept self-funded students.

FMHS MSc-Thesis Student Minimum Funding for 2023-2024








Living Allowance

$21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183 $21,183


$5,207 $5,401 $11,318 $8,456 $22,563 $14,334

Minimum total funding

$26,390 $26,584 $32,501


$43,746 $35,517

FMHS PhD Student Minimum Funding for 2023-2024


PhD1-4 CDN

PhD5-7 CDN



Living Allowance






$5,207 $4,443 $20,543 $4,952

Minimum total funding

$26,390 $25,626 $41,726 $26,135

QC = Quebec; OOP = out of province Canadians/Permanent Residents, INTL = international; CDN=Canadians/Permanent Residents

Detailed information on tuition and student fees can be found on the Student Accounts website.

Living allowance is based on a 7.2% CPI increase in Montreal from Aug 2021-2022.

Supplemental funding in recognition of internal/external awards:

  • Awards ≤$35,000: All recipients of internal or external awards are to be provided a supplement to the total funding package that is not less than 10% the value of their award. Supplements may be >10%. OOP and INTL tuition/fee/insurance differentials should continue to be provided

 Examples with minimum 10% supplement:

 (a). For awards  minimum total funding, minimum 10% of the award value will be added to the base (minimum total funding).

 e.g. $17.5K studentship: student will receive $28,124=$26,374 (base + tuition differentials if applicable) +$1,750 (10% of the 17.5K); $17.5K from award source and $10,624 from PI.

(b). For awards > minimum total funding, minimun10% of the award value will be added to the base (award value).

 e.g. $27K studentship: student will receive $29,700=$27,000(base)+$2,700 (10% of the $27K); $27K from award source and $2,700 from PI.

  • Awards >$35,000: A minimum 10% supplement to the funding package is encouraged. OOP and INTL tuition/fee/insurance differentials should continue to be provided.

Supervisor stipends:

A substantial portion of the overall funding package will be a minimum stipend amount from your Supervisor. Students who have been awarded an internal/external award may have the stipend portion of their funding reduced, as per the FMHS Graduate Student Funding Policy, but as noted above all students will receive the Base Living Allowance + Tuition and Student Fees every year (guaranteed until the end of MSc2 or PhD5).

2023-2024 Stipend amounts:
MSc (Canadian students): $23,000
MSc (International students): $25,000
PhD (All students): $25,000



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