Supervisor Confirmation Form                                       

This form is for prospective students and it initiates the agreement between student and supervisor and confirms the source of the student's funding. Required for all applications and a completed document must be uploaded before a file can be reviewed.

PDF icon Letter of Understanding

This is for newly admitted students, and is designed to promote dialogue between the supervisor(s) and the student to define their expectations and to increase awareness of the rights and responsibilities governing the training program and the student-supervisor relationship. At the start of your first semester, upload a copy to myProgress for approval by the Graduate Program Director (GPD).

Graduate Student Research Progress Tracking Report

Adapted from GPS'  Progress Tracking Report

This form is required for the Study Plan and Annual Advisory Committee Meetings. It has been adapted from GPS' version in order to better suit our department needs. When reviewing University regulations and policies that refer to the Progress Tracking Report, the page numbers indicated may vary slightly. 

Fully-completed and signed Progress Tracking Reports must always be uploaded to myProgress for GPD approval.

Seminar Attendance Form This form is for students registered in the Seminar in Cell Biology courses (ANAT 695/696/697) to confirm their attendance at scientific seminars.
MSc Seminar Evaluation Form

MSc students must present a 30 minute seminar on their thesis work, followed by a 15-20 minute question period. This form outlines the criteria for each seminar.

Upon completion of the MSc Seminar, a fully-completed and signed Evaluation Form must be uploaded to myProgress for GPD approval.

Comprehensive Exam Evaluation Form PhD students must perform a comprehensive examination no later than 18 months after the start of their program. This form outlines the criteria of the exam.
Upon completion of the PhD Comprehensive Exam, a fully-completed and signed Evaluation Form must be uploaded to myProgress for GPD approval.
PhD Seminar Feedback Form The Research in Progress seminar series gives graduate students an opportunity to present their on-going work in an informal setting and provides them with a platform to exchange ideas and discuss science. PhD students will receive feedback on their seminar outlined in this form.
GREAT Award Application

Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel (GREAT) Award funds are allocated to Faculties to be disbursed to graduate students. These awards cover dissemination of research through graduate student presentations at conferences, and other graduate student research- enhancement activities, such as travel for fieldwork, archival inquiry and extra-mural collaborative research.

Applications must be submitted via webform.

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