Complete information on laboratory safety procedures and guidelines

Details on laboratory safety procedures and guidelines at McGill University are provided by McGill Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).


List of Certified First Aid Providers, Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building

Name Room Telephone Certification Expiry
Boucher, Eric W316 514.398.1716 08-MAR-2020

Brisebois, Jamie




Lee, Jason 1/14 514.398.5231 21-JAN-2019

L'Heureux, Robert

2/54 514.398.6330


Li, Ling

2/20 514.398.1765


Mousa, Aisha M/40 514.398.7203 x 00040 11-MAY-2019
Venne, Gabriel 1/33 514.398.6388 28-MAR-2021
Yang, Shunkai W309 514.398.1716 26-APR-2021


Members of the Safety Committee, Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building

Name E-mail Affiliation
Gris, Pavel pavel.gris [at] Dentistry (Genome)
Kaartinen, Mari mari.kaartinen [at] Dentistry
L'Heureux, Robert robert.lheureux [at] Anatomy Laboratory
Li, Ling [at] Anatomy & Cell Biology
Noel, Geoffroy geoffroy.noel [at] Anatomy & Cell Biology

Reinhardt, Dieter (Committee Chair)

dieter.reinhadt [at] Anatomy & Cell Biology
Sears, Kelly kelly.sears [at] Facility for Electron Microscopy Research (FEMR)
Todireanu, Angelica angelica.todireanu [at] Whole Person Care

Yang, Shunkai

sky.yang [at]

Anatomy & Cell Biology


Emergency Evacuation Team

A list of the Emergency Evacuation Team members for the Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building.


Anatomy Lab Safety and Code of Conduct

All who make use of the Department's laboratory facilities adhere to a strict Code of Conduct. 


General Laboratory Safety Rules For Research Laboratories

General Laboratory Safety Rules have been established for every occupant and member of the Research Laboratories in the department. It is highly recommended that all new members and their supervisors read, complete and sign this form (to be kept as record by the supervisor).


Laboratory Safety Self-Assessment

This procedure is designed to assist principal investigators, teaching laboratory coordinators/superintendents, and lab supervisors to self-assess safety standards for their laboratories. 


Preparation for Laboratory Safety Audits

Guidelines are available to prepare the laboratories for safety audits.

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