Hui Wong

Hui WongHui Wong is an MA Communication Studies student working under the supervision of Dr. Bobby Benedicto. His research centers on how media theory travels to the postcolony.

He is currently interested in thinking about public art with environmental themes in Singapore through the lens of recent theoretical work in environmental media theory. Deploying methods from postcolonial and psychoanalytic traditions, he aims not only to think about the stakes of public art, but also to critique theory that claims ostensibly global approaches to the environment. His broader research interests include environmental/elemental media, German media theory, art and literature from Singapore, postcolonial studies, and Georges Bataille. He also has a forthcoming article in the Communication and Cultural/Critical Studies journal entitled “Postcolonial Ecologies in Cyberspace: On 'Anti-Environments' in Singapore Art Week 2022’s Somewhere in Bedok and Peripheral Spaces.”

Hui Wong holds a Bachelor's in Media Studies (and a minor in English Literature) from the University of British Columbia. He completed an undergraduate research project with Dr. Richard Cavell and was a Media and Politics Network Cultures assistant under Dr. Kavita Philip.

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