Instructors: Please note that we are no longer be accepting exams submitted to us via email. All tests and exams must be submitted through Clockwork’s Instructor Portal, or in-person at our Exam Center located at 3459 McTavish. Instructors at Mac Campus can bring exams to Centennial Center.

Questions? Contact our efstathia.konstantinopoulos [at] (Associate Director for Exams).

Exam Sign-Up

Sign-up at least 14 days before your exam (applies to all timed assessments)

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Students who do not have an active accommodation plan with Student Accessibility and Achievement should complete the form below:

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Students who have an active accommodation plan with Student Accessibility and Achievement, and are eligible for subsidized tutoring:


Speak to your course instructor before requesting a tutor. Instructors might have suggestions on how to approach course material or offer extra help during office hours.

Tutee Responsibilities

  • Respect the Charter of Students' Rights and the Code of Student Conduct in all activities as a tutee, and treat your tutor with respect.
  • Be on time.
  • Cancel your session at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot attend, otherwise you are responsible to pay for the first hour of scheduled tutoring.
  • Prepare for the session: come with questions, attempt homework problems, read the textbook, etc.
  • Pay your tutor immediately after each session. For subsidized students, this means you must submit the Confirm a Tutoring Session form.
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