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Become a Mentor

Do you have good communication skills? Are you emphathetic, understanding, and punctual? Are you passionate about helping your peers? If you have been a McGill student for at least 1 year, then we encourage you to apply!

What’s Involved?

Volunteer Peer Mentors can expect a time commitment of 2-3 hours per week. This includes 1-2 hours of weekly meetings with your mentee, 1 hour biweekly group meetings with a Mentor Peer Leader, and prep time.

You’ll have the opportunity to attend training and workshops to help you prepare for your role and to develop your mentoring and leadership skills throughout the program.

Bi-weekly meetings with Mentor Peer Leaders are a great opportunity for mentors to share ideas and experiences in a collaborative environment. We encourage you to share both your challenges and successes in this supportive group setting.

The Mentoring Experience

Becoming a mentor is a fulfilling experience, as it helps you:

  • Develop professional relationships skills (building rapport and connections with people from diverse backgrounds)
  • Boost collaboration and communication skills
  • Build problem-solving skills and personal development: training and workshops to practice and strengthen mentoring and leadership skills (e.g. time management, active listening, study strategies, etc.)
“Listening is a powerful tool, although we can not give actual solutions to our mentees, listening would make them feel better, they know they are supported and understood.”
- Volunteer Peer Mentor (Fall 2022)
"From this program, I would say I learned most about active listening. The training was also extremely valuable and informative, learning about all different types of strategies in terms of note-taking, stress management, etc, as well as doing role-play scenarios as a mentor and mentee.”
- Stephanie Fleischer, Volunteer Peer Mentor

Apply Now

Apply now for the upcoming semester. Eligible applicants will be contacted at the end of the current semester.

Do you have an active academic accommodation plan with Student Accessibility and Achievement and are interested in mentoring students who also have active accommodation plans with our office? Apply using the Mentor Application Form in Clockwork.

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