Instructors: Please note that we are no longer be accepting exams submitted to us via email. All tests and exams must be submitted through Clockwork’s Instructor Portal, or in-person at our Exam Center located at 3459 McTavish. Instructors at Mac Campus can bring exams to Centennial Center.

Questions? Contact our efstathia.konstantinopoulos [at] (Associate Director for Exams).

Exam Sign-Up

Sign-up at least 14 days before your exam (applies to all timed assessments)

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Do you have an upcoming test or exam?

If exam accommodations are part of your academic accommodation plan, sign-up for all tests in ClockWork at least 14 days in advance.

Schedule an Exam

Including tests, midterms, quizzes, final exams, placement tests, and summer exams

  1. Review and confirm your accommodations in ClockWork at the beginning of each semester. 
  2. In ClockWork, select Schedule a test, midterm, or quiz, at least 14 days before your exam date.  You'll receive a confirmation email after submitting your request. 
  3. You can verify any upcoming tests or exams in the My Calendar module on Clockwork.  

Don't know your exam start/end time?

Schedule your exam anyway, using the typical start/end time of your class. Once you know the actual start/end time, notify access.exams [at] (at least 3 days before your exam). Not having the actual start/end time of your exam is not a valid reason to submit a late request for academic accommodations.

Didn't sign up for your exam in time?

Complete the Exam Sign-Up: Late Request Form in ClockWork as soon as possible if you meet 1 of the 2 criteria below:

  1.  Newly registered student to Student Accessibility and Achievement with an upcoming exam (a minimum 7-day notice is required).
  2. Your instructor has changed an exam date within the 14 days prior to your exam (instructor verification is required).

Exceptional situations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Have your accommodations changed?

Inform our Exam Team (access.exams [at] of any upcoming exams and provide the details of each exam.  We will update your exam booking information. Note we cannot do this for exams that are taking place in 7 days or less.

View your upcoming exams

View any upcoming exams in the My Upcoming Events tab or My Calendar module in ClockWork. Displayed start/end times include StopWatch accommodations (if applicable, in which case your actual time to complete the exam will be shorter).

Take-Home Exams

For students who are eligible for exam accommodations, 

  • If your class has been given  less than 48 hours  to complete the exam, time-based exam accommodations apply.
  • If your class has been given  equal to or more than 48 hours  to complete the exam, no additional time-based accommodation is applied.

Before your exam, our Exam Center will notify your instructor, indicating your time-based accommodations. You must follow up with your instructor if additional information is required.

Sign up for take-home exams using the  Schedule a Test or Exam  module in ClockWork, and select the “Less than 48 hours” option under exam length.

Online Exams

Accommodations apply as usual during online exams.  Always sign-up for exams using the Schedule a Test or Exam module.  Accommodations may be applied in the following ways:

  • Your instructors may opt to hold a time-bound, online exam, using one of the authorized platforms (most often myCourses). Your time-based accommodations will be communicated to the instructor, who will need to make the adjustments themselves.
  • Your instructors may opt to assign an exam of 48 hours or more, in which case time-based accommodations do not apply.

Before your exam date, our Exam Center will send an email to your instructor indicating your accommodations. Your instructor will then communicate directly with you to inform you of any modifications to your exam (format, start time, or duration).

Assistive technology

If you use assistive technology on your personal devices, they should be compatible with most platforms used for online assessments. It’s still important to sign-up for each assessment so that we can address any accessibility-related barriers ahead of time and coordinate with your instructor. This is especially important if your instructor intends to use a LockDown browser. 

Pop Quizzes & Exams Assigned with Less than 14 Days' Notice

If your instructor plans on assigning pop quizzes:

  • access.exams [at] (subject: Pop%20Quiz%20Notification) (Notify the Exam Centre) before the end of the add/drop period. The Exam Center will coordinate directly with your instructor.

If your instructor has assigned a quiz/exam with less than 14 days' notice (including weekends):

  • Use this access.exams [at] (subject: Late%20exam%20request%E2%80%93%20COURSE%20CODE, body: Reason%20for%20late%20request%3A%20%0A%0ADate%20of%20exam%3A%0A%0AExam%20start%20time%3A%20%0A%0AExam%20length%3A%20%0A%0AStudent%20name%3A%20%0A%0AStudent%20ID%3A%20%0A%0ACourse%20Code%3A%0A%0ASection%3A%20%0A%0AInstructor%20name%3A%20%0A%0AInstructor%20e-mail%3A%20%0A%0AAuthorized%20accommodations%20required%20for%20this%20assessment%3A%20%0A%0AAny%20additional%20information%3A%20%0A%0AI%20understand%20that%20I%20am%20required%20to%20register%20for%20my%20exam%20accommodations%20using%20the%20Student%20Accessibility%20and%20Achievement%20exam%20sign-up%20form%20for%20each%20assessment%20in%20this%20course%2C%20at%20least%2014%20days%20prior%20to%20the%20start%20date%20of%20the%20exam.%20I%20acknowledge%20that%20any%20request%20made%20after%20the%2014-day%20deadline%20is%20considered%20a%20late%20submission%20and%20will%20be%20processed%20on%20a%20case-by-case%20basis.%20I%20acknowledge%20that%20Student%20Accessibility%20and%20Achievement%20cannot%20guarantee%20that%20late%20submissions%20will%20be%20granted.%20I%20consent%20to%20sharing%20my%20approved%20accommodations%20with%20my%20instructor%20and%2For%20with%20the%20exam%20administrator%20of%20my%20Faculty%20for%20all%20assessments%20in%20this%20course.%0A) (email template) to contact our Exam Centre as soon as possible, or complete an Exam Sign-Up - Late Request form as soon as possible.  We will require confirmation of the exam announcement date.

By signing up for an exam using the email template or Late Request form, you are consenting to disclose your registration with Student Accessibility and Achievement to your instructor and/or exam administrators in your Faculty.

Final Exams

Final exams are any exam occurring during Final Exam Period, even if it's not an official final exam! Sign up for final exams using the Schedule a Test or Exam module on Clockwork. 

Final Exam Conflicts

► Student Accessibility and Achievement Exam Conflicts

Due to the nature of exam accommodations, you may meet the criteria for a  Student Accessibility and Achievement (SAA) Exam Conflict.  A SAA Exam Conflict occurs when a student, by virtue of their disability-related exam accommodations, is scheduled for more than  8 hours of exam writing time in one day. 

If you have already signed up for your exams and meet the criteria for a SAA exam conflict:

  • You will be contacted via your McGill email by a member of the Exam Center Staff.

If you are unable to sign up for one of your exams due to an overlap with an existing exam:

  • Complete the  Exams conflict form available in the Forms module in the Clockwork.

► Academic or Religious Exam Conflicts

If you meet the definition for an  academic conflict,  or a  religious conflict  for your final exams, consult the  McGill Exams Website  and follow the instructions to obtain a resolution. You do not need to notify Student Accessibility and Achievement of these conflicts, as they are coordinated directly with the Central Exams office.

► Don't feel well enough to write your final exam?

If you are unable to write your final exam due to illness or other extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for an exam deferral, depending on your Faculty rules and regulations. Please consult the Exams website for more information.

We cannot change the date of final exams. If you can't write your final exam due to illness or extenuation circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for an exam deferral:

  1. Check with your Faculty Rules and Regulations and communicate directly with your instructor and/or Student Affairs Office.
  2. If you receive approval to write on an alternate date (outside of the regular deferred exam period), your faculty must email access.exams [at] to notify us at least 14 days before the new exam date.
  3. Schedule your exam in ClockWork as soon as your faculty's permission is granted.
    • For exams taking place after your course has finished, you will need to sign up using the Exams - Supplemental and Deferred exam sign-up form, available in the Forms module on Clockwork.


A student seated at a computer in the Student Accessibility and Achievement Exam Centre

Familiarize yourself in advance with the Student Accessibility and Achievement exam environment and expectations.

Are you new to Student Accessibility and Achievement? Only students who have active accommodation plans with our office have access to academic accommodations.

Learn more about registering with Student Accessibility and Achievement.

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